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  • FenSens, A Best Of CES Finalist Company, founded by a serial entrepreneur who started his first business while sleeping in his car, is releasing a patented smart 100% wireless AI backup camera system with hands-free automated mobile app experience.

    San Francisco, CA – FenSens, designer consumer electronics with a focus on making new car technology available to everyone, introduces a patented Smart 100% Wireless Backup Camera that never dies; the FenSens Smart Wireless Backup Camera and free mobile application for Android and iOS. The company is founded by a serial entrepreneur who started his first company years ago while sleeping in his car. While attending college at WWU and living in Bellingham, Andy Karuza drove 100 miles to Seattle daily to run his first company, most nights having to sleep overnight in his car. Now, he’s helping others upgrade their cars with new car technology through his Automotive IoT accessories company. Today, they’re announcing the pre-order of their second product -- a 100% wireless HD backup camera powered by AI and solar technology. 

    Designed for the average everyday car driver, the affordable FenSens installs just like any license plate frame in less than 5 minutes, without any wiring (solar powered capability with 2 hours of daylight per day keeps the battery charged indefinitely); no need to call your car guy friend for help with the install.  FenSens was a Best of CES finalist at CES 2019 placing in the top 4 out of 1400 startups and is making aftermarket IoT technologies for the connected car of yesterday (see 1940’s MG TC photo) and the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow. 

    Finally, a wireless backup camera that gives you the complete 100% wireless solution you want and deserve, without the hassle. This beautiful BEST IN CLASS product solves; not requiring an extra screen, battery life, no wire installation, low latency streaming, and provides 3 easy hands-free ways to launch the app! Few truly wireless cameras exist, but they all come with significant battery life, installation (require extra LCD screen), and latency issues. 

    At only $199.99, you can now enjoy camera safety technology on any vehicle, without having to mess with wiring or install any additional LCD monitors in the car. Current alternatives can be expensive, with dealership installs costing over $1,000 and professional help costing over $300 on Amazon for help with installation of wired kits. With the FenSens, it’s now more affordable than ever, but most importantly, it works right out of the box without professional help. After the WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled Smart Backup Camera is installed via 4 security screws (to prevent theft), your Android or iOS mobile application will automatically launch when you hit the patented QuickLaunch button; It’s so easy-to-use, you don’t even have to pull your phone out of your pocket. You can also launch the device hands-free using voice commands. The camera comes included with AI for a future software release that will allow for smart object detection.

    While many people want parking assist technology, it hasn’t reached mass market adoption yet and the NHTSA says that it will take until at least 2054 before all cars on the road in the US have parking sensors or cameras. Because of this, 70% of the cars on the road still do not have backup cameras or sensors and we see 15,000 injuries, 1.8 million rear end accidents, and over $7 Billion in personal and property damage in the US from backup related incidents. “We believe this great technology hasn’t been adopted because it’s either too expensive or much too complicated for the average driver to get value out of it: “Our focus on software-enabled accessories is revolutionary, because it’s forward compatible with the evolving connected vehicle platform. For instance, if a fleet customer wants to update their backup camera to work with their fleet management app, we can do that with a simple OTA update” said Andy Karuza, CEO at FenSens. While safety is important, it is a concept that gets shelved more often than not, if it’s too difficult to obtain. 

    The few truly wireless backup camera options on the market meant to resolve the expensive and complex installation issues with aftermarket cameras, fall hopelessly short on reliability and user experience. All current truly wireless backup camera options suffer from latency (choppy video), a complex or illegal (touching the phone) app launching process, and notoriously unreliable battery life with some requiring a full recharge within only days. The FenSens Smart 100% Wireless Solar Powered Backup Camera resolves all of these issues by providing 1080p HD live streaming video with the best chipset on the market (OV798 Chipset), an extended battery, solar power to constantly recharge while you drive, and 3 patented solutions for launching the app hands-free. 


    FenSens Technical Specifications

    • WiFi real-time Best In Class 1080p HD wireless streaming technology using the OV798 chipset. Uses AI for object detection

    • Hands-Free App Auto-Launch -- Patented TAP QuickLaunch button and voice launch.

    • Easy setup - install smart backup camera, Download mobile app, pair, and use instantly.

    • Extended Li-Ion rechargeable battery charges while you drive with solar power and stays charged indefinitely with 2 hours of daylight per day*

    • Stunning 170 degree viewing angle

    • App is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones

    • Water and dust-proof IP67 rated design for reliable daily use without worry

    • Note: *Requires 2 hours of daylight to keep battery charged indefinitely and please note that lithium batteries do degrade over time and battery performance may dip after 1-2 years of use. 

    To connect with FenSens, visit Facebook, Twitter, or the website. For more information on the FenSens, media members may contact our PR team at info@FenSens.com or call 360-920-1637. FenSens was developed in partnership with WinPlus Type S, a company with over 20 years manufacturing backup cameras. 

    About FenSens

    FenSens, (pronounced as Fen-Sens,) creates designer consumer electronics that make new car and AI technology affordable and available to all car drivers. The company was founded in Seattle, WA and incubated in San Francisco, California. All FenSens products come with a one-year warranty and are quality assurance tested. 


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