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Rev Parts Management Software is a true cloud ERP specifically tailored for WDs, Jobbers and Service Centers in the automotive aftermarket. It's reliable, credible, affordable and easy to integrate. 

Changing systems is scary and we know the last one likely didn't go smoothly, but at Rev Parts Management Software, our step-by-step implementation process will get your running and future proof your business! 

You've heard of the cloud and know businesses are using it. Let us show you how it can help your business soar above the competition. 

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  • WMS Mobile App & Interface
    The new WMS app lets you manage inbound & outbound PO’s, control inventory, quickly pick and fill orders and more. New hardware integrations have been added, and the UI has been enhanced with additions to the modules and capabilities of the platform....

  • Our new WMS app does everything you have been looking for and so much more. It creates the opportunity for a more mobile and functional experience inside of our WMS environment. Given the ability to utilize current technologies such as tables/scanners/printers/ the new WMS app allows for the mobility needed in todays’ ever evolving world.

    The new UI has been created with user functionality and workflow in mind. Easily navigate from the home screen into the distinct modules which control all of the main functions within the warehouse. The WMS app is comprised of seven major modules:

    Receiving- The receiving module controls all aspects of the inbound merchandise into the warehouse. There are multiple subcomponents of the receiving module in which merchandise is scheduled for delivery inbound into the warehouse, freight is marked as received, PO’s are checked in for receipt, and checked in merchandise is then subsequently put to the shelf. The receiving module utilizes a direct connection built back into the main database as updates made within the different subcomponents of the module are used to update records inside of the system.

    Picking- The picking module controls the creation and delivery of picking orders to the team members working within the warehouse. There are a number of different types of picks which will occur, and methodology changes based on the type of pick that occurs. The picking module has a direct connection built back into the main database as updates made within the numerous subcomponents of the picking module need to update records inside of the system.

    Shipping- The shipping module controls all of the outbound product from the warehouse. There are several components which make up the shipping module which are controlled by shipping method as well as customer type.

    Returns- The returns module handles all merchandise which is returned back to the warehouse. There are various tools within the returns module which allow for a more efficient and accurate flow of product back from the warehouse to vendors.

    Warehouse Management- The warehouse management(WM) module allows you to control a wide range of elements of warehouse operations such as messaging, notifications, scheduling, reporting, and more. The WM module is comprised of separate subcomponents which make up the overall module. User creation, roles, and permissions will also all be handled within the module. All of the bin maintenance is controlled through the WM module as well. This module also has a direct connection built back into the main database as updates made within the various subcomponents of the receiving module will update records within the system.

    Inventory Management- The inventory management module is comprised of several subcomponents which allows for the warehouse team to oversee and control each aspect of the management of the products when they are in neither the “Picking” or “Receiving” stage of product management. This tool has a direct connection built back into the main database as updates made within the subcomponents of the inventory management module will update records within the software.

    System Settings- The system settings module serves as the main brain for controlling all of the settings within the different modules.

    Working together these modules allow you to keep your inventory accurate and all your orders on time. Warehouse team’s efficiency will increase with the ability to use new technology to get the job done. Our interface has been completely overhauled, transitioning from using outdated bulky scan guns to lightweight tablets with Bluetooth scanners and wireless printing capabilities.

    This helps you keep hardware costs to a minimum by utilizing modern technology that provides more functionality. Running the platform on tablets increases the functionality of your devices, with larger screens that decrease the chance of hitting the wrong buttons. Newer hardware also means longer battery life, so less running back to the charging station or waiting for a battery to finish charging to complete a scan.  

    Bluetooth scanners allow for the integration of innovative hardware and create a more mobile and efficient workflow. Gone are the days of having to run back to the office to print labels on large immobile printers. Your team can scan parts directly as they receive or put up stock, and labels can be printed and placed on the spot so there is no confusion as to where they go.

    The new benefits include the ability to manage inbound & outbound purchase orders, handle all aspects of the receiving process, pick merchandise, view reports & metrics, and more. This gives you full control over your warehouse environment no matter where in the world you are located.

    Keep inventories and shipments on track by utilizing the updated receiving and scanning features. For any growing aftermarket distributor our WMS app offers far more than just visual appeal and inventory count or tracking. We go the step further by letting you have full control over inventory movement from each step, from the moment inventory goods are ordered to the minute they go out to supply your customers. Keep the inventory flowing to keep your cash growing.

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