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Hireology is an all-in-one recruiting, hiring, and employee management platform that empowers decentralized businesses to build their best teams. The company equips HR and business leaders with the support and tools needed to manage the full employee lifecycle — from pre- to post-hire — in one seamless platform. Hireology was rated number eight on G2’s 2023 list of 50 Best HR Products. With focused expertise across several industries, more than 10,000 businesses rely on Hireology for their hiring, HR, and payroll needs, putting people at the center of their organizations.

 Press Releases

  • Hireology’s 2023 State of Hospitality Hiring Report sheds light on the demand for skilled workers and what it takes to recruit and retain them

    CHICAGO, June 26, 2023 — A new report from Hireology, the leading all-in-one recruiting and hiring platform, reveals the results of a survey of more than 4,400 job seekers in the hospitality industry, detailing what it takes for employers to recruit and retain today’s most in-demand workers.


    “Hourly workers in industries like hospitality are in significantly higher demand than white collar workers today, but very little is known about what this group wants out of work and what it takes to hire them,” said Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology. “The goal of this research is to dive deeper into the wants, needs, and expectations of this sector of the workforce and help employers adjust their recruiting and hiring practices accordingly.”


    The survey results are summarized in Hireology’s annual State of Hospitality Hiring Report, which outlines the six major characteristics of the modern hospitality job seeker and offers insights for employers looking to capture workers from this valuable talent pool. Findings include:

    • Job seekers want to work: When searching for work, 67% of job seekers say they accept the first offer they receive

    • Pay isn’t the ultimate deciding factor: 91% of job seekers would take a lower paying job for the right benefits — top sought after benefits include: schedule flexibility, career growth, meaningful work, and good working culture

    • Speed and transparency are critical: 60% admitted to ghosting an employer — top reasons for ghosting included slow-moving processes and a lack of frequent communication 

    • Mobile-friendly applications increase applicant volume: 54% completed the majority of their most recent job search on a smartphone

    • Onboarding directly correlates with retention: 77% of respondents who reported a positive onboarding experience said they are loyal to their current employer


    With more than 600,000 monthly applicants, Hireology processes 10% of all active job seekers in the United States per month. Surveying this pool of talent gives Hireology unrivaled access to the mindset of today’s most sought-after workers. Hireology has supported employers that have traditionally struggled the most with hiring and retention (such as hospitality and automotive) for more than a decade.


    To read the full 2023 State of Hiring report, download your copy here.


    About Hireology

    Hireology is an all-in-one recruiting, hiring, and employee management platform that empowers decentralized businesses to build their best teams. With our software and expert support, HR and business leaders attract better talent, hire great candidates faster, and seamlessly manage existing teams. For more information visit www.hireology.com



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