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Stop by our booth 307a for a demo on your own phone to learn how our easy to use, cloud-based collaboration solution can help your hotel management team drive future hotel performance and results.  If you would like to schedule an appointment to speak with Adam Dubroff - founder of Alpha Inn Management and the developer of Alpha Connect to discuss a collaboration solotion for your hotel management team(s) https://alphainnmanagement.as.me/click here or visit the Alpha Inn Management website for more information on Alpha Connect. We look forward to seeing you in Toronto - thank you!

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    New: Hotel leadership and management teams now have an easy way to “catch the team doing things right” with the Alpha Connect collaboration solution from Alpha Inn Management

    June 22, 2023: At HITEC 30 Toronto, Canada, June 26-29, 2023 – Adam Dubroff, CEO of Alpha Inn Management and 1994 HITEC Keynote Speaker – O.G. returns to the show to introduce “Alpha Connect” – a cloud-based strategic collaboration solution for hotel leadership and management teams.

    According to Dubroff, “There are a variety of collaboration solutions available in the hotel industry that focus on guest services, housekeeping, maintenance, sales and marketing as well as video conferencing and file sharing. Yet, there haven’t been any strategic collaboration solutions available specifically designed for hotel leadership and management teams – until now.”

    The Alpha Connect solution provides hotel leadership and management teams with a cloud-based platform specifically designed to easily “catch the team doing things right” and share important organizational information on mobile phones, tablets, or computers in real time.  Alpha Inn Management guarantees measurable performance improvements for hotel organizations. Alpha provides hotel management teams with hotel leadership and management level experience based on years of collaboration experience across 19 hotel properties, including Marriott and Hilton select service properties as well as independent/boutique hotel properties.  Based on those extensive hotel management experiences, Alpha is able to deliver management team workgroups – tailored, hotel collaboration specific orientation, training programs, and support – to jumpstart collaboration improvements which is included as part of the Alpha Connect Solution.

    Dubroff further explains, “While there is a broad scope of different types of collaboration solutions available, the Alpha Connect solution differs from other solutions in that it is a strategic hotel management collaboration solution vs. hotel operational or transactional solutions or generic collaboration solutions. Our solution is strategic in that hotel leadership and management teams build a central knowledgebase of important organizational information that becomes a strategic organizational tool for enhancing on-going hotel management: decision-making, problem solving, and strategy development with Alpha Inn Management supporting the on-boarding, roll-out process. Important hotel organization information, knowledge, and expertise is shared more quickly, is easily accessible, centralized, and builds more transparency and accountability into the hotel management process.”

    As a HITEC 30 Show Special – Alpha Inn Management at Booth 307A is offering the Alpha Connect Solution – annual plan with an additional 6 months of service for free! Register for an Alpha Connect annual plan before the end of September 2023 and receive 18 months for the price of 12 months - $19.99/month/user.

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    For more information on Alpha Inn Management, Alpha Connect, a demonstration of Alpha Connect, or how a strategic collaboration solution can benefit your hotel organization, please visit – http://alphainn.com or contact Adam Dubroff directly at adam@alphainn.com or 303-513-1586.