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IQware / Megasys / RoomKeyPMS proud to be part of Fullsteam

IQware Inc, Megasys Hospitality Solutions, & RoomKeyPMS are purpose-built property management systems with a combined 93 years of providing superior hospitality software and services to alternative hospitality markets. We have been brought together and are proud to be part of Fullsteam’s hospitality division. Fullsteam LLC is a leading payments and technology company that enables us to provide an all-in-one, fully integrated solution within the alternative hospitality market.

Each company is devoted to its customers and provides single-source hospitality management software. With over 170,000 rooms under management and thousands of deep integrations, we offer a unique breadth of products, services, and support to meet the needs of all property sizes. 

Our values, perspectives, and the needs of our customers are reflected in our priorities.​​​​​​​ We all strive to build strong personal relationships with our customers to help better anticipate their needs in an ever-changing industry. 


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 Press Releases

  • Fullsteam™ Announces Strategic Association with RoomKeyPMS, IQware, and Megasys to Propel Enhanced Guest Experiences - Booth #1315

    Fullsteam™, a leading payments and technology company, is thrilled to announce its strategic association with IQware, Megasys, and RoomKeyPMS. This collaboration leverages Fullsteam's streamlined payments infrastructure and enhanced operational support to foster improved guest experiences for lodging companies within the hospitality industry.

    Tim, Vertical President for PMS, notes, “Fullsteam’s investment and lodging experience has created an opportunity for our PMS group of companies to not only focus on their core lodging audiences and continue their success but also to offer additional products that tie into the hospitality eco-system.  Furthermore, the combined expertise of hundreds of hoteliers ensures the products are well constructed, expertly supported, and operationally sound.”

    RoomKeyPMS, renowned for its North American support and cloud-based property management system, can continue to enhance its platform with Fullsteam to provide independent hotels with unparalleled guest experiences. By leveraging Fullsteam's payments technology and breadth of resources, RoomKeyPMS can increase revenue and reduce costs for its vast network of hotel clients, which includes over 70,000 managed rooms across the US and Canada.

    IQware, a prominent Hospitality Software Provider, benefits from Fullsteam's expertise and resources to further expand its range of innovative solutions. With IQware’s technology already supporting nearly $4 billion in annual revenue for its clients, this partnership will enable even greater advancements in customized training, user-driven technology development, and centralized support.

    Megasys Hospitality Solutions, a leading provider of flexible property management systems, has been deeply integrated with Fullsteam's robust payments infrastructure. By integrating with Fullsteam's operational support, Megasys can enhance its reliability, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness while continuing to build strong and personal relationships with clients in retreat centers, state parks, and campgrounds.

    “With our unique range and depth of PMS systems built for properties as small as 10 rooms through to enterprise-level resorts and condo-hotels, our customers can now choose which feature-set makes sense for their property or chain while being confident that each system is built on a foundation of availability, security, and best practices” adds Tim, Vertical President of PMS for Fullsteam. “Hotels can fluidly move between our family of PMS solutions as they grow or their needs change. This flexibility in software migration offers hotels more control while a consistent corporate and technology foundation reduces technology risk”.

    As Fullsteam continues to seek lodging acquisitions actively, this association between IQware, Megasys, and RoomKeyPMS represents a significant step towards expanding its ability to improve the technology available in the hospitality industry. Fullsteam aims to drive hotel growth and reduce the technology fragmentation in the hospitality industry by providing these acquired companies with streamlined payment infrastructure and enhanced operational support.

    About Fullsteam™

    Fullsteam™ is a leading payments and technology company headquartered in Auburn, Alabama. With a focus on acquiring and supporting businesses in the lodging and hospitality industry, Fullsteam provides streamlined payments infrastructure and enhanced operational support to drive growth and improve experience for customers.  - www.fullsteam.com

  • RoomKeyPMS, IQware, and Megasys Announce New Features to Enhance Hospitality Technology Solutions - Booth #1315

    RoomKeyPMS, a cloud-based hotel software, IQware, an innovative technology solutions company, and Megasys, a leading provider of comprehensive hospitality management systems, are pleased to unveil their latest advancements available to the lodging industry. Each company has introduced new features and integrations to their existing platforms, empowering hoteliers to streamline operations, boost revenue, and provide exceptional guest experiences.

    What's New for IQware:

    • New and improved interfaces with ProfitSword, Shogo, Fourth and Duetto.
    • A partnership with Revenue Analytics to advance rate management choices and flexibility.
    • New Owner’s portal for our condo hotels and fractional hotels, and timeshare resorts.
    • Over 50 new data sources have been added to the IQintel online reporting product.
    • SOC certification to better serve our enterprise customers.
    • Improved signature pads and document scanning features.

    What's New for RoomKeyPMS:

    • Mobile upselling capabilities for room upgrades and guest services.
    • Contactless check-in at the front desk (iOS and Android support).
    • Digital keys compatible with BLE enabled locks.
    • Auto reconciliation reports, including Smart Match.
    • Advanced Synxis integration, including 2-way reservation sync.
    • Advanced iHotlier integration, including 2-way reservation sync.
    • ALICE integration.
    • Cash advances for hotel operational needs.

    What's New for Megasys:

    • MEGApay transaction integrated into all aspects of Reservations and Front Desk, including Drill Down reporting for Reconciliation of Deposits, Transactions, and Funding.
    • Browser Reporting with drill-down capabilities throughout the application, printable from any device in all formats.
    • Dashboard Reporting for Reservations, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Conference Services (Groups and Sales & Catering).
    • Portfolio HMS available in GuestHOST, a WebView Browser/Mobile PMS in the palm of your hands.
    • Customizable Confirmation Letters, Guest Registration, and Folio Print system using drag and drop to create HTML designs by the property.
    • Expanded Room Attendant functionality for mobile users, showing Room Description, Status, Guest Name, and Stay Dates, all in a color-coded box based on Room Status.
    • End of Day / Night Audit Reports viewable from a list directly on your screen, scheduled reporting, including printing or email delivery of reports to an individual or groups of individuals.

    These new features and integrations demonstrate the ongoing commitment of IQware, RoomKeyPMS, and Megasys to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that drive efficiency, profitability, and guest satisfaction in the hospitality industry. Hoteliers can now leverage these advancements to optimize operations, enhance revenue management, and deliver exceptional experiences to their guests.

    About IQware Inc.

    IQware, founded in 1984, is a Hospitality Software Provider that helps hotels and other lodging operations find, book, know, host, and keep their guests. Today, IQware’s technology supports and generates close to 4 billion dollars in annual gross revenue for its’ clients. “Built by Hoteliers for Hoteliers,” the IQware staff brings more than 300 years of combined experience managing Hospitality Properties and developing related software. From Regional Hotel chains to Multi-Property Management companies to large & small Independent Properties, IQware Inc. is your single-source technology partner through ongoing customized training, user-driven technology development, 24x7 support, and lifetime software upgrades. For more information, visit iqwareinc.com.

    About Megasys Hospitality Solutions

    Centrally located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company was established in September 1989. The Market segments they service include but are not limited to are; Boutique, Independent, Resort Hotel Properties, State Parks, Conference, and Retreat Centers, and RV, Tent, and Day Use Campgrounds.

    For 30 years, their process for providing the most flexible, reliable, responsive, and cost-effective Property Management system continued to improve while the integrity of their entire team remained the cornerstone of their success. They do more than merely talk about exceptional service; they build strong & personal relationships with their clients to help them better anticipate their needs. This mutual respect and feedback allowed them to continually deploy ongoing enhancements and integration to their technology.  For more information, visit megasyshms.com.

    About RoomKeyPMS

    RoomKeyPMS provides a property management system (PMS) that gives independent hotels an advantage by making it easier and more affordable to provide the best guest experiences, increase revenue and reduce costs. With over 70,000 managed rooms across the US and Canada, RoomKeyPMS has proven themselves as a trusted hotel industry partner for almost 20 years. In addition to delivering a reliable, well-connected PMS, RoomKeyPMS pride themselves on superior customer service—their locally-based support team is made up of former hoteliers with a 92% satisfaction rating. For more information, please see our website at roomkeypms.com.


  • Cloud PMS
    “Purpose Built Cloud-Based PMS Solutions”...

  • IQware, Megasys and RoomKeyPMS are 3 North American PMS software companies with over 170,000 rooms under management.  They share a collective approach and commitment to delivering innovative technology that enhances the guest experience.   

    IQware is a Hospitality Software Provider founded in 1984, supporting close to $4 billion in annual gross revenue for its’ properties, serving hotels and resorts, condo-hotels, vacation rentals, and marinas. With a team of experienced hoteliers and developers, IQware offers customized training, user-driven technology development, 24x7 support, and lifetime software upgrades to regional hotel chains, multi-property management companies, and independent properties. Learn more at www.iqwareinc.com.

    Megasys Hospitality Solutions, established in 1989, serves various market segments, including retreats, hotels, resorts, state parks, and campgrounds. They prioritize flexibility, reliability, and responsiveness, building strong relationships with clients to anticipate their needs. Ongoing enhancements and technology integration are key components of their services. Visit their website for more details www.megasyshms.com.

    RoomKeyPMS, released in 2000, provides affordable property management systems (PMS) to independent hotels and boutiques, enhancing guest experiences and reducing costs. With over 70,000 managed rooms in the US and Canada, they have a proven track record in the industry. Their locally based support team, composed of former hoteliers, boasts a 92% satisfaction rating. Discover more at roomkeypms.com.

  • Credit Card Processing
    “Credit Card Processing at the Core of PMS”...

  • IQware, Megasys and RoomKeyPMS offer a simplified payment processing solution designed specifically for hotels and resorts, condo-hotels, state parks, retreat centers, campgrounds, and marinas. The integrated platform aims to streamline payment processing, enhance reconciliation procedures, and improve security measures. By utilizing this core solution, hotels can save time and reduce complexities associated with payment processing.

    The features include integrated reconciliation reports, unified training processes, automated batching to prevent interchange downgrades, and automated night audit procedures. The platform also prioritizes security, offering features such as tokenization, EMV/Chip & PIN compliance, and PCI DSS compliance to protect the hotel and its guests. These embedded features are supported by your PMS team, 24/7 support and a knowledge base of articles and videos.

    A case study featuring The Atticus Hotel and Third Street Flats demonstrates that implementing these payment features led to a significant decrease in payment processing rates. The platform's reliability is backed by one of the largest payment processing companies in North America, Fullsteam, ensures competitive processing services. 

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