Putting Guests at the Heart of Hospitality

At Ireckonu, we are not here to "sell software." Instead we work closely with our clients to build a Guest Experience Framework that allows hoteliers to easily translate complex data systems into clear, actionable insights. 

It all starts with our CORE Middleware that puts guests back at the center of your business.  Through our leading system integrations, we can unify siloed data sets into one central data lake, allowing hoteliers to uncover more value in their own data.  

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  • CORE Middleware
    Ireckonu CORE Middleware connects hotel IT systems by consolidating and normalizing data in an API of API’s....

  • CORE Middleware Product Overview

    Siloed information systems impede operational excellence and slow progress. For the hospitality industry, it is essential that systems communicate with each other and among hotels so internal information flow is fast and reliable. Guest journeys can then be optimized at every touch point, so visits become memorable experiences. The danger of siloed IT systems is that complex, manual, and unreliable data flow hinders operations, effects important communications, and can contribute to disappointing guest experiences.

    Ireckonu CORE Middleware begins with platform agnostic systems integration as it collects, matches, and merges all siloed data into one central data lake. We have created our Middleware solution to consolidate hospitality IT systems in a powerful Data Management Platform so hoteliers can get the most out of their valuable data regardless of source.

    CORE Middleware Components Include

    • Portal: The CORE Middleware User Interface provides access to all Ireckonu products, features, and settings. This is your control centre where you get the big picture, and all your integrated data becomes visible, accessible, and usable with dashboards.

    • System Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of all integrated systems and information flows via a dashboard in Portal.

    • API Portal: A central resource where your development team and IT partners have access to all Ireckonu certified APIs.

    • Reservation Data Store: Access to all reservation data, cleaned, normalized, and updated in real-time from all connected CRS and PMS systems.

    • Standard Reporting: A standard set of embedded Power BI business intelligence reports generated from reservation data.

    • Power Cubes: All data flowing through the Ireckonu ecosystem made accessible, through DIY Self Service Reporting data models, and lightning fast with imbedded Power BI.

    These components work in concert to provide you with a complete Data Management Platform. CORE Middleware is the heart of consolidated hospitality IT ecosystems where operational excellence begins with systems integration, data cleaning, and normalization so data becomes more actionable and effective.

    What CORE Middleware Means

    When you can see all activity among integrated systems you are able to act. When you know the data is cleaned and the quality maintained, you can act with confidence. Having the right tools at your fingertips makes it possible for you to solve problems, build solutions, and take action in fast, effective ways.

    All this comes together with Business Intelligence so you can make informed decisions and measure the impact of the actions you have taken. In the end, Ireckonu creates a single source of truth across your existing databases while increasing operational performance with three CORE values:

    1. Interoperability and data quality

    2. Flexibility and empowerment

    3. Reporting and Business Intelligence.

    CORE Middleware empowers hoteliers by breaking down data silos and creating new, data-driven, performance opportunities. For more information about CORE Middleware and how Ireckonu can empower your organization, please contact us. Let’s build the future of hospitality together.

  • IKnowU
    IKnowU, our CDP, is a single source of truth for all guest profiles. Features give hoteliers the ability to utilizeand interpret guest information while sharing profile data in real-time with various systems to touch each point of the guest journey....

  • IKnowU Product Overview

    In the hospitality industry, guest profile data is crucial to understanding your customers' needs and gaining insights about who they are, how they behave, and what they want so you can deliver the best digital guest experience possible. If all your guest profile data is scattered among various PMS, CRM, CRS, and F&B systems, you will not have complete and accurate information in one place, a single source of truth, where you can do the work needed to engage your guests and cultivate customer loyalty.

    As a hotelier, you need centralized data to create messaging constancy across all digital touch points from reservation creation to check-out. You want insights and tools to leverage data so you can anticipate your guests' needs, tailor a guest experience, and exceed expectations or you risk losing them to the competition.

    IKnowU is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that integrates your guest related IT systems and consolidates the information in a central System of Record (SoR) for all guest profile data. The added value Irecokonu creates is about the unlimited flexibility IKnowU tools offer you to deliver targeted experiences so you can drive engagement and keep guests coming back for more.

    IKnowU Components Include

    • Profile: A centralized Single Guest View (SGV) of all guest information and activity to customize and optimize communication and improve the customer experience.

    • Match and Merge: A manual and automated functionality that enables hoteliers to merge profiles in a central System of Record (SoR) based on configurable business rules to improve the quality of Profile data.

    • RFM+: A configuration tool that allows hoteliers to assign values to clients based on five standard variables - recency, frequency, monetary, duration, and diversity (plus N)* - to create a loyalty score so you can customize communication for up sales opportunities.

    • Guest Segmentation: A User Interface to create lists based on aggregated transactional and profile data then export the list to a CSV file for use in CRM and email campaigns.

    • Add-ons: Based on your needs and to enhance the functionality of the IKnowU out-of-the-box components, Ireckonu has several add-on features* to help you create the best digital guest experience possible.

    These components work in concert to provide you with a complete Customer Data Platform. IKnowU is the heart of consolidated guest profile data ecosystems where operational excellence begins with systems integration, data cleaning, and normalization so data becomes more actionable and effective.

    Key Benefits

    • A Single Source of Truth: All guest profile related data from all integrated systems located in a single source of truth and accessible in one central repository.

    • Clean reporting: As a hotelier, if you have several duplicate guest profile records, it is difficult to really know who your guests are, dive into the data, and get the information you need to create more engaging customer experiences. IKnowU takes care of this problem so you can be confident guest profiles are correct and up to date across all integrated systems.

    • Cultivate Customer Loyalty: Use RFM+ to identify the optimal guest to target for new sales, up sells, and to reach at risk customers to incentivise for repeat business. This approach increases conversion rates for 3rd party marketing campaigns generating new revenue while increasing client retention.

    • Business Intelligence for Impact: When combined with CORE Middleware data and features like Power Cubes, IKnowU provides you with the insights you need to achieve your business goals.

    What IKnowU Means

    With data harnessed via CORE Middleware integrations, Ireckonu builds unparalleled profiles that allow you to see your guests' preferences and behaviours in a whole new way. When you are designing a guest experience, you need clean, accurate, and actionable data in one location. Because IKnowU is a clean and reliable SoR, it is the basis for building better communication across media so you will be able to deliver the right message to your guests at the right place and time.

    IKnowU is the single source of truth for all your integrated PMS and CRM systems where you create new possibilities for engaging data-driven communication strategies. For more information about IKnowU and how Ireckonu can empower your organization, please contact us. Let’s build the future of hospitality together.

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