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Myma.ai is an AI-focused SaaS provider for the Hospitality, Tourism, and Experiences industry. Founded four years ago by David Thompson and Andy Dharmani, it offers affordable and customizable technology solutions to empower industry operators. With a global team and partnerships with organizations worldwide, Myma.ai is recognized internationally, including being named in Microsoft's Highway to a 100 Unicorns program.

 Press Releases

  • Myma.ai, a trailblazer in AI technology, is advancing the global market with the latest version of their AI digital assistant platform. The integration of ChatGPT in their recently released platform, BOOK ME BOB, is reshaping the industry to empower Tourism, Hospitality, and Experience operators worldwide.

    Since the launch of this next generation platform, Myma.ai has experienced rapid uptake and high demand, paving the way for positive global change. By transitioning from static pre-determined responses to informative generative AI-driven answers, the platform harnesses the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT, resulting in deeper and more meaningful customer engagement.

    Already operating in over 20 countries, operators in over 50% of these countries are now using the new version, including the USA, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Qatar, and Indonesia, the next generation platform is driving revenue growth, maximizing efficiency, and enhancing the overall customer experience. Operators are reaping high returns on their investment by leveraging the power of Myma.ai's industry-focused solution.

    David Thompson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, emphasized that at the core of their operation, their mission is and always has been to empowering operators. "Having experienced the challenges faced by our customers firsthand, we have developed our next generation AI digital assistant to provide a streamlined solution that harnesses the latest AI advancements. Our goal is to optimize the top and bottom line for operators, giving them the power they deserve."

    With an unwavering focus on customer service, Myma.ai continuously monitors and tracks the performance of their platforms, ensuring timely enhancements as opportunities arise. The platform's optimized ability to answer complex and multi-layered enquiries, paired with its advanced data capture processes provides operators with valuable insights for informed decision-making and targeted efforts.

    Myma.ai's partnerships with leading global enterprises, including their recent collaboration with Microsoft, further enhances the platform's value proposition. Seamless integration and ease of data transfer enables operators to access a new level of operator-controlled customization with deeper integration capabilities.

    Andy Dharmani, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the benefit the industry will experience from this platform. "Our next generation platform is designed to strengthen and enrich operations for a wide range of operators, from small hotels, student and hostel accommodations, to large-scale luxury hotels and complex multifaceted mega resort complexes."

    Drawing on a vast repository of site-specific data and a rapidly growing knowledge hub of over 500,000 industry-specific phrases developed in collaboration with industry operators, Myma.ai's platform provides relevant and accurate interactions that address common pain points.

    "Our mission is to bring simplicity to the complexity of AI, providing operators across the globe with clear vision and enabling them to reclaim valuable time and revenue," added Andy.

    The recent launch of this next generation platform comes at an opportune time as the two Founders of Myma.ai prepare to reunite at HITECH later this month. Visitors can meet the visionary Founders and witness demonstrations of their cutting-edge technology at Booth #1347 during the three-day trade show. For those unable to attend in person, scheduling a demonstration is just an email away at hello@myma.ai. To explore further, visit www.myma.ai/messenger-demo.

    About Myma.ai:

    Myma.ai is a leading AI technology company with a suite of focused solutions, dedicated to empowering the Tourism, Hospitality, and Experience industries worldwide. Their next generation AI digital assistant platform, BOOK ME BOB, combines the power of ChatGPT with a focus on streamlining operations, enhancing customer experience, and maximizing revenue for operators worldwide. Within the Myma.ai suite you’ll also discover aiva and Guest Compendium; two solutions focused on streamlining operations and enhancing the customer experience.

    Press Contact:

    David Thompson CEO Myma.ai Email: david@myma.ai