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Guest Room Gigabit Broadband over Coax Without Rewiring

Positron’s G.hn GAM enables very high-speed Internet services in Guest Rooms (up to 1 Gigabit) and for Wi-Fi Personal Area Networks (PAN) throughout the property without the cost and construction disruption to install fiber or Ethernet wiring.

Simply install the GAM in or near the cable room and the bandwidth will be delivered without amplifiers to the back of the TV in each room without any service disruption or downtime. It also enables smart building management via Wi-Fi.

The GAM is a fully featured managed carrier grade product in service at major hotel chains and carriers. It provides the fastest time to service (hours) at the lowest cost. Available in indoor and outdoor (with RPF) models for use over coaxial cable with or without splitters or over telephone pairs. Developed and manufactured by Positron in North America. In service at leading hotel chains.  Installed and serviced by leading LSPs/MSPs. We offer free trials.

 Press Releases

  • Collaboration will help hospitality properties and MDUs more efficiently and cost-effectively meet network needs and requirements.

    Chicago, IL. — June  27, 2023Cloud5 Communications, a leading provider of communications and technology solutions for more than 5,000 hotels, MDUs, and commercial facilities across the Americas, and Positron Access Solutions, a specialist in carrier-grade telecommunications products, have partnered together to address the connectivity and cabling challenges experienced by many hospitality companies and MDUs as they seek to modernize their networks and meet the expectations of today’s guests and residents.

    Traditionally, upgrading legacy network infrastructure requires a comprehensive re-cabling of the property to enable high speed Internet services. Such work is often completed during a property renovation. For properties that need to improve their networks but have no renovations on the horizon, and don’t want to invest in costly and disruptive re-cabling, Positron’s solutions, combined with Cloud5’s network expertise, can bridge the gap.

    Through this partnership, Cloud5 can now offer clients with existing coaxial or twisted pair cabling the ability to provide high speed broadband without rewiring. Positron’s G.hn GAM extends Gigabit services to guest rooms or apartments over the existing coaxial cables or copper pairs – allowing properties to provide top-notch network connectivity and high-speed WIFI and/or IPTV services to guests and residents while saving substantial time, cost, and disruption to their operations.

    “We are thrilled to partner with Positron Access Solutions to bring these revolutionary solutions to our valued hospitality and MDU clients,” said Mark Holzberg, President and CEO of Cloud5 Communications.

    “This partnership will empower properties with legacy infrastructure to deliver seamless, high-quality, high-speed converged ethernet network access at a fraction of the cost of rewiring without construction disruption or downtime…it’s a win-win for our clients and their guests or residents,” continued David Heckaman, Vice President of Product at Cloud5 Communications.

    Through this collaboration, Cloud5 will integrate Positron’s GAM solutions into its suite of offerings, and support clients as they fold these solutions into their network operations - offering best practices, consultative know how and installation expertise via its skilled, five-star rated HSIA install teams.

    “We are pleased to partner with Cloud 5 to provide hospitality and property owners the ability to quickly and very cost effectively improve the experience of their clients and increase the value of their properties.”  Pierre Trudeau, President and CTO of Positron Access Solutions.

    For more information about Cloud5 and its leading-edge communications and technology offerings, visit www.cloud5.com. To learn more about Positron and its ground-breaking connectivity technology, visit www.positronaccess.com.

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    About Cloud5 Communications  

    Cloud5 is the leading communications technology and services provider to customer-centric brands across the Americas. The company’s fast, reliable Internet solutions and flexible voice systems enhance the guest experience and resident satisfaction at more than 5,000 hotelsMDUs, and commercial facilities. Cloud5’s award-winning Contact Center combines innovation with skilled agents to deliver sales and service that add value across any channel. The company’s comprehensive Managed IT services include Vendor Management, Dispatch & Onsite Support, Help Desk Support, Virtual Guest Services and more to help customers control operating costs and free up internal resources. For more information visit cloud5.com or call 877.241.2516. 

    About Positron Access Solutions

    Positron Access provides carrier grade telecommunications products that increase the bandwidth delivered and the distance that it can be delivered to subscribers within the core access network and within hospitality, residential and multi-tenant buildings using the existing wiring infrastructure. Positron’s GAM enables service providers to deliver full featured non-blocking converged Gigabit ethernet services in buildings without in-building fiber wiring within hours without construction disruption, amplifiers or in building infrastructure changes or license fees at less than 20-25 % of the cost of extending fiber. For more information on Positron Access please visit: www.positronaccess.com   


    Jamie Murphy

    Cloud5 Communications


    Sandra Cohen

    Positron Access Solutions

  • TORONTO, ON – June 27, 2023, Hotel Nikko San Francisco, a renowned luxury high-rise hotel located at 222 Mason Street, has announced the successful deployment of its high-speed Wi-Fi service. Using a ground-breaking solution from Positron Access Solutions, that combines Wi-Fi and bandwidth to create a less disruptive than fibre installation, by repurposing the existing coax to improve connectivity for all guests and enhance every individual's experience while staying at the 532-room hotel.

    "We were astounded by the remarkable data speed rates we achieved during the proof of concept with Positron," said David Ng, Director of IT at Hotel Nikko San Francisco. “Our team was excited to see the exceptional results during the proof-of-concept trial and very thankful for the flawless and quick integration without causing disruption to our hotel guests.”

    Positron partnered with a Tier-1 Telecom provider that is a leader for connectivity and network in the hospitality industry, proposed a cutting-edge technology solution to achieve a converged Ethernet network infrastructure over the same coaxial cabling that had been deemed unfit to support applications such as guest Wi-Fi and IPTV, while being ready to support other Ethernet/IP applications in the future. In tandem, Positron Access Solutions, a leading provider of bandwidth and broadband solutions, introduced the hotel to their G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM) solution, which revolutionizes connectivity by delivering Gigabit bandwidth over existing telephone wiring or coaxial cabling. G.hn is an international standard (ITU-T G.9960) that enables Gigabit speeds to each subscriber without the costly and disruptive installation of fiber connections to every guest room.

    "Our GAM solution proved to be an invaluable asset in addressing the cable plant challenges. It not only saved the day but also expedited the delivery of an upgrade for this iconic hotel, offering a converged Ethernet infrastructure for a seamless guest experience", said Pierre Trudeau, President & CTO of Positron Access Solutions.

    For hotels seeking to enhance their connectivity, the traditional approach of rewiring can be invasive and costly. However, with solutions like Positron’s GAM, hotels with existing coaxial cabling or telephone wiring can use their current infrastructure. Positron's innovative solution harnesses the power of the ITU-T G.hn standard, facilitating Gigabit Ethernet transmission over existing copper or coax wiring.

    Hotel Nikko San Francisco's successful deployment of this cutting-edge technology marks a significant milestone, exemplifying how hotels can overcome connectivity challenges while leveraging their existing infrastructure investment.

    For media inquiries, please contact:

    Sandra Cohen, Director of Marketing

    Positron Access Solutions


    About Hotel Nikko San Francisco:

    Hotel Nikko San Francisco is a luxury high-rise hotel located in the heart of San Francisco, just one block away from Union Square and five blocks away from the Moscone Center. The hotel offers unparalleled amenities and an exceptional guest experience, setting a benchmark for luxury accommodations in the city.

    About Positron Access Solutions:

    Positron Access Solutions manufactures carrier grade products that increase the bandwidth delivered by Tier-1 carriers and over 200 Tier- 2/3 Operators.  Positron’s G.hn Gigabit Access Multiplexer (GAM) extends fiber or fixed-wireless Gigabit services over the existing in-building wiring in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) and Multi-Tenant Units (MTU) and over the outdoor existing wiring from the curb to the SFU gateway in rural areas.  It delivers managed real-time non-blocking Gigabit speeds to each subscriber without the cost and construction disruption of installing fiber to each door (up to 800 feet over existing telephone pairs or 2,600 feet over existing RG6 coaxial cable and splitters) without the need for amplifiers. The GAM is developed, manufactured, and supported in North America.


  • G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM)
    Positron’s GAM redefines the Guest Experience. Guests can enjoy Gigabit HSIA, IPTV, Wi-Fi delivered the back of the TV over the existing coax with no rewiring or service downtime. Compatible with Free-to-Guest TV & PPV. Enables seamless IPTV transition....

  • Positron's G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM) technology delivers gigabit bandwidth over the existing coaxial infrastructure directly to the back of the TV in each guest room. A single connection at this optimal location is convenient and makes it possible to provide extremely fast Internet and other guest services without the need for costly and time-consuming wiring retrofits. For hotel owners, the GAM delivers greatly increased Internet speeds at a fraction of the time and cost of a fiber retrofit with no disruption to the hotel or guest rooms during the installation. 

    Hospitality guests can enjoy Gigabit HSIA, Gigabit Wi-Fi, free-to-guest TV and legacy Pay-per-View, IPTV, streaming HD content, online gaming, e-Concierge and other bandwidth-intensive services instantly. The GAM allows a seamless transition to IPTV without disruption.

    Positron's GAMs work on either coaxial cable or telephone pairs, making them ideal gigabit solutions for hotels that want to upgrade their internet service without having to replace their existing infrastructure.

    The GAM’s world leading technology has been proven in service with leading hotel chains including Marriott, IHG and Caesars. The entire installation takes a few days. There is no construction disruption. The GAM was developed and is manufactured by Positron in North America. It is installed and supported by leading MSPs/LSPs and major carriers.

    We are pleased to offer free no-obligation trials.  

    Benefits of GAM Technology

    • Easily Deployment 
      • Installation and activation can be completed in hours with no re-wiring
    • Eliminates the Need for a Costly Fiber Retrofit
      • GAM delivers over your existing coax infrastructure (or copper wiring) at 15-20% of the cost of rewiring
    • Gigabit Internet Services
      • Provides stable internet gigabit bandwidth for guest services and a superior guest experience.
    • No construction disruption, no service downtime
      • No mess, no service outages, no unavailable rooms
    • Fastest time to HSIA, lowest CAPEX
      • Enhances your hotel’s competitiveness and desirability
    • Enables Smart Building Services
      • Via Wi-Fi ethernet

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