Relay Robotics, Inc.  

Campbell,  CA 
United States

Relay Robotics is a supplier of hospitality service robots.

Relay Robotics, Inc. (formally Savioke) is a leading supplier of simple, sophisticated, autonomous service robots that work with humans safely, securely, reliably, and contact-free. Relay Robotics has been a technology leader in robotics since 2013 and holds 10 U.S. patents. Relay’s robots complement staff across hospitality, healthcare, and commercial real estate. They have completed more than 1,000,000 deliveries worldwide. To learn more, contact us.

Relay delivery robots are currently deployed at major hotels in the United States such as Marriott, Hilton, Westin, Mandarin Oriental, Holiday Inn, and Radisson, nationally recognized hospitals such as Georgetown and Dartmouth, and commercial real estate properties. Relay robots are available via a monthly subscription or RaaS (Robots as a Service). Relay’s Rapid-Install™ trains and activates a robot within hours of arrival at a location so they can seamlessly ride elevators and navigate the entire property. Customers can name their robot and create a customized “wrap” to give it a unique character and harmonize it with their brand.


 Press Releases

  • Relay2 brings 2X larger payload, customized accessories, and upgraded cloud-based elevator integration, enabling hotel owner/operators to fortify staff, save cost, and enhance revenue

    June 4, 2023 (New York, NY and Campbell, CA). Relay Robotics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of autonomous service robots to the hospitality industry, introduced its newest hotel robot, Relay2, today at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference. Relay2 delivers twice the capacity (10 gallons, 41 liters) of earlier models while maintaining Relay’s sleek design which promotes guest engagement and satisfaction.

    This announcement of Relay2 comes at a key economic time. More than 402,000 jobs remain unfilled in leisure and hospitality, leaving 87% of hotels short-staffed, according to the recent AHLA Survey on hotel staff shortages.

    Relay2 leverages Relay’s proprietary elevator technology to support all elevators from the major elevator companies including OTIS, Schindler, TK, Mitsubishi, KONE, and others. This enables Relay2 to navigate throughout a hotel, enabling deliveries from the front desk or kitchen directly to hotel guest rooms within an average time of 4 minutes.

    "We’re excited to introduce Relay2 and bring more value to hotel owners and staff with a larger, more versatile robot and accessories to deliver better guest experiences,” said Michael O’Donnell, Chairman and CEO of Relay Robotics. “Our hotel customers love Relay1 but asked us to make it larger to handle the newer realities of takeout deliveries from companies like UberEats™, GrubHub™, and DoorDash, and more fully integrate into their hotel operations.”

    Relay robots are featured at leading hotels and resorts worldwide, including Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, LUMA, Mandarin Oriental, Marriott, Radisson, Sonesta, and Wyndham and are sold on a monthly subscription basis or RaaS (Robots as a Service).

    "Hôtel Monville has had our Relay robot for several years and we are excited about the newly designed and enhanced Relay2,” said Jean-Cédric Callies, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hôtel Monville, Montreal, Canada. “The multifunctional accessories allow delivery of wine bottles and new items that provides us with a valuable opportunity to integrate additional hotel services, which will delight our guests and create a more memorable experience."

    Relay and its technology leaders have been building robots for 10+ years and pioneered robot design and software functionality, including elevator integration.

    "We're proud of the technology and design advancements we've made in Relay2 by doubling the storage capacity, improving navigation, and enhancing the user experience with a beautiful 8" screen," said Steve Cousins, Relay Robotics Founder & Chief Technology Officer. "We'll continue to build on our proprietary elevator technology and leverage our software platform to make seamless integrations with common apps."

    About Relay Robotics

    Relay Robotics is a leading supplier of autonomous service robots that work with humans safely, securely, reliably, and contact-free. Relay’s robots complement staff across hospitality, healthcare, and commercial real estate. They have completed more than 1,000,000 deliveries worldwide and continue to make hundreds of deliveries a day around the globe.

    For more information about Relay Robotics, visit relayrobotics.com.

    Media Inquiries:

    Gary Hanauer


    +1 510-686-1238 (office)

    +1 510-813-4482 (mobile)

    Company Inquiries:

    Scott Sperry, Director of Marketing


    +1 817-917-0030 (mobile)


  • Relay2 High-Capacity Hotel Delivery Robot
    Relay 2 is an autonomous service delivery robot specifically designed for hotels....

  • Relay2 Service Robots are revolutionizing how the hospitality industry thinks about staffing, revenue, and the guest experience. The autonomous Relay2 works alongside your staff, enabling them to spend more quality time with guests. It contributes to revenue by reducing labor costs while increasing room service and marketplace/pantry sales. And guests post positive social media content and become ardent fans of hotels that have Relay2 robots on their team.

    Relay2 Answers the Industry-Wide Labor Shortage

    If you’ve been frustrated trying to find enough qualified hospitality employees, Relay2 complements your team, enabling them to spend more one-on-one time with guests, improving the guest experience and satisfaction. In fact, hotels with Relay robots say they make employees more effective, more satisfied with their jobs, and more focused on their guests.

    Relay2 is the Helper You and Your Employees Can Depend On

    • Delivers consistently and contactless every time
    • Securely transports via lockable compartment
    • Seamlessly rides elevators
    • Saves time and money with RapidInstallSM
    • Only needs to be programmed once for your floorplan
    • Operates 24/7/365

    Relay2 Increases Revenue

    Relay2 helps you make more money, pure and simple. Many hotels with Relay robots have seen room service revenues double, even triple. That means an increase in food and room service revenues while reducing your labor costs. Relay robots never need to be tipped, never take a day off, and deliver everything quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

    Relay2 is a Money-Maker

    • Boosts revenue and productivity
    • Increases demand for food, beverage, sundries, and housekeeping deliveries
    • Entertains guests and creates 5-star travel reviews
    • RaaS (Robot-as-a-Service) — convenient lease becomes part of your operating budget        rather than a capital expense
    • Lease includes all service, maintenance, and 24/7/365 customer support

    Relay2 Generates Exciting Social Media

    Relay robots have generated hundreds of thousands of positive social media posts. One TikTok video by a hotel guest who stayed at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Hotel LAX North generated 5.5 million views and 1.5 million “Likes”. Many hotels confirm that Tripadvisor Popularity Index scores and social media reviews directly affect occupancy and RevPAR. In fact, many Relay robots are a daily feature in their hotel’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds.

    Relay2 Delivers Happiness to Your Bottom Line

    • Fast, reliable, and contactless deliveries
    • Perfect for time-consuming repetitive tasks
    • Generates multiple food and room service requests
    • Well-accepted by staff and guests

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