Named Best AI Reservation Assistant in 2023

We are hotel experts that can create an incredible service experience for your guests and increase your direct bookings with our hotel customer service platform.

We provide features that go far beyond a simple chatbot to assist travelers with their inquiries and optimize the reservation center's effectiveness

The reservation assistant is available in the main communication channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and e-mail, and answers visitors automatically in over 40 languages. We are trusted by leading hotels with over 3,000 already revolutionizing their service.

 Press Releases


    TORONTO, June 14, 2023 — Stobee.com, a trailblazer in the hospitality industry with its AI-powered chatbot solutions, and its award-winning platform partner, Asksuite.com, are thrilled to announce their attendance at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) 2023 in Toronto. This dynamic partnership brings forward industry-leading technology solutions that optimize hotel operations and significantly boost direct bookings.

    Stobee.com's AI-driven chatbot solutions, powered by Asksuite.com, are designed with a multichannel, multilingual approach that incorporates natural language understanding and provides 24/7 availability. Seamlessly integrated with hundreds of booking engines 'out of the box', these solutions offer next available date suggestions, OTA price comparison, and many other unique features to enhance productivity and improve reservation center effectiveness.

    "We are excited to showcase our combined technology capabilities at HITEC," according to John Finnegan, VP of Sales & Marketing, Stobee.com "Our partnership with Asksuite.com amplifies our ability to empower hotels with smart technology, ultimately enhancing guest experiences. We believe our unique approach will set a new standard in the hospitality industry."

    HITEC 2023 will offer a firsthand look at how this powerful partnership leverages AI technology to revolutionize the hospitality industry. Visitors will experience the multitude of benefits offered by Stobee.com and Asksuite.com, from increased productivity to driving more direct bookings.

    Stobee.com and Asksuite.com invite all HITEC 2023 attendees to discover the future of hospitality technology at Booth 2044, where they will demonstrate the capabilities of their advanced AI chatbot solutions and discuss their vision for a customer-centric, technologically advanced future in the hospitality industry.

    About Stobee.com: Stobee.com is a leading provider of AI-powered chatbot solutions for the hospitality industry. In partnership with Asksuite.com, Stobee.com empowers hotels with intelligent technology that boosts productivity, streamlines reservations, and enhances the guest experience.

    About Asksuite.com: Asksuite.com is an award-winning AI Reservation Assistant, offering AI-powered communication solutions to the hospitality industry. Their advanced tools enhance customer service and increase direct bookings, reshaping the hospitality industry.

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