Axxess Industries Inc.

Kelowna,  BC 

Streamline hotel operations with Automation

Axxess Industries creates innovative, elegant solutions for the Smart Automation and Control of hotel guest rooms. Axxess offers customized Electronic Do-Not-Disturb systems, comprehensive smart room controls, and more; all designed with increasing operational efficiency and refining guest experience in mind. Optimize energy savings and staff costs, while wowing guests with style, convenience, and comfort. Designed and manufactured in-house in Canada, every solution is highly customizable - your imagination is our command

 Press Releases

  • Axxess Industries will be exhibiting at HITEC June 26-29 in Toronto, ON, Canada.

    TORONTO, ON – Be on the lookout for Axxess Industries at HITEC 2023. Axxess Industries’ booth will be featuring Electronic Do-Not-Disturb systems, LED lighting control systems, automatic drape and blind controls, and more. Designed with increasing operational efficiency and refining guest experience in mind, Axxess systems are effective and beautiful solutions for any hotel room. Whether you need custom room number signs with doorbells and privacy indicators, smart room controls, or integration into existing technology, Axxess Industries can customize your solution to perfectly fit your needs. 

    PrivacyService Electronic Do-Not-Disturb System

    The Axxess Electronic Do-Not-Disturb system is a simple, elegant solution to allow guests to communicate their wish for Privacy from the comfort of their room. Using a touch keypad installed within the room, a guest can request Privacy or Housekeeping. The room’s status is clearly communicated in the hallway with our patented solution combining the Axxess Electronic Do-Not-Disturb system into custom room number signs. An LED indicator on the sign or doorbell panel will glow the appropriate color for the guest’s setting, such as red for Privacy. Hotel staff can use our powerful cloud-based Dashboard to see at a glance which rooms are requesting housekeeping. Axxess Industries’ PrivacyService is sleek, effective, and fully customizable to your design criteria.

    Touch Keypads

    Axxess Touch Keypads are available in hundreds of possible layouts, ensuring you can find a design that fits perfectly into your rooms. No matter how simple or complex your system may be, Axxess Touch Keypads can be customized to match. Activate pre-set lighting scenes, control individual lamps, open or close blinds and drapes – all with a single touch. Axxess Touch Keypads are backlit for easy button selection. This backlighting is programmable to a faint glimmer or activation after first touch in evening settings. The possibilities are endless – your imagination is our command. 

    About Axxess

    Founded in 2000, Axxess Industries is an innovative electronics, software, and signage workshop changing how people and technology interact in hotels and homes. Trusted by hotels such as Aria, Sandals, and Waldorf Astoria, Axxess brings creativity and perfection to every project.

    At Axxess Industries, we pride ourselves in providing our customers the best in technology and design. Our goal is to create elegant solutions that improve hotel efficiency and wow guests. To meet this unique challenge, we bring together engineers, designers, and craftsmen who collaborate to create beautiful products and systems that simply work, right out of our hometown of Kelowna, BC, Canada.

    Meet with us at booth #2324 at HITEC, or email info@axxind.com to find out more.