Skodsborg,  Denmark 

Welcome to DanMagi!

DanMagi is a unique and revolutionary cloud based guest internet provider. Born in Denmark, we hold a global presence and offer a world class service that is unmatched in reliability. Since beginning recording some 1900 days ago, DanMagi have not had a single service outage which directly translates to happy customers and an amazing service. 

Advantages that DanMagi offers: 

  • Quality guest internet provider with customised branding & dynamic portal design
  • Guest Hosted Options for Streaming & Technology (GHOST) "PAN" 
  • High redundancy built-in with synchronised data centres & advanced security
  • Network stability and usage reporting (live & historical), available anywhere via ThunderBeam, our online dashboard. 
  • Consistently more reliable than a traditional gateway provider with lower CAPEX & OPEX 
  • Low cost deployment, no ongoing licences and no restrictions on number of users
  • Guest Recognition at any hotel group, instantly adding all recognised devices with just "one click"
  • Promotion of hotel services and total control of the user experiance 
  • Proactive and reactive support 24/7/365
  • GDPR compliant
  • 100%, AAA compatible with ADA requirements.