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Datamars is the leading global supplier of RFID solutions for the textile laundry market. With over 30 years of innovation and leadership, Datamars has been a pioneer in electronic identification solutions for the industrial laundry process, inventing the LaundryChipTM in 1990 and offering today the most complete range of RFID products for the textile laundry market (RFID tags, antennas, readers, reading systems, software).

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  • Prevent textile losses and thefts, increase efficiency and streamline inventory with Datamars RFID systems for the textile laundry business!

    Datamars is a multinational company leader in RFID systems for the identification and tracking of textile assets in the industrial laundry, industry, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

    At its HITEC booth #1247, Datamars will showcase its RFID-based products & solutions (RFID LaundryChipsTM, antennas, readers, reading systems and software) explaining to visitors how hotels, restaurants, nursing homes and all other players of the hospitality sector (washing their textiles in-house or sending them to external industrial laundries to be washed) can control their textile assets (bed linen, pillowcases, tablecoats, uniforms and personal wear) during their entire lifecycle, saving significantly on costs and gaining efficiency.

    Missing items due to losses, theft or simply wrong inventory, in fact, significantly increases the cost of linen management in hotels and may also results in poor guest satisfaction.
    Invisible RFID tags sewn or heat-sealed into bed linen and towels enable hotel management to track guest linen/towels and to control the lifecycle of employees’ uniforms. Tracking linen helps to prevent lost or stolen items, reduces costs, increases efficiency and streamlines inventory.
    The systematic tracking of items eases communication between the hotel and the laundry, leaving more time for the hotel to focus on its guests.

    Are you an industrial laundry or do you manage the laundry process and inventories of a hotel chain, hospital, nursing or elderly home?

    Datamars’ team of experts, at booth #1247, will be at your disposal to explain you the huge benefits and returns that RFID technology – helping you to track and control your textile assets – can bring to your business, both in terms of cost structure and service quality.

    For more info please visit https://textile-id.com/ or email us at textile.marketing@datamars.com .