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Shiji Group is a multi-national technology company that provides software solutions and services for enterprise companies in the hospitality, food service, retail and entertainment industries, ranging from hospitality technology platform, hotel management solutions, food and beverage and retail systems, payment gateways, data management, online distribution and more. Founded in 1998 as a network solutions provider for hotels, Shiji Group today comprises over 5,000 employees in 80+ subsidiaries and brands in over 23 countries, serving more than 91,000 hotels, 200,000 restaurants and 600,000 retail outlets.

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Shiji Group Solutions - Connecting the global business of Hospitality

 Press Releases

  • Shiji Group signs landmark partnership with The Peninsula Hotels to provide the hotel group with Shiji Enterprise Platform, the industry’s scalable, secure and modern hospitality technology platform.

    Hong Kong, 13 Sept 2020 - Shiji Group has signed a partnership with The Peninsula Hotels to provide the hotel group with Shiji Enterprise Platform, the industry’s scalable, secure and modern hospitality technology platform.

    The Peninsula Hotels, owned and operated by The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited (HSH), operates prestigious luxury properties in ten major cities in Asia, the US and Europe, with three additional hotels under development in London, Istanbul and Yangon. The Peninsula brand is synonymous with luxurious comfort and impeccable service.

    The brand was looking for a scalable technology platform that could manage the high expectations of guests and staff, considering its global and growing footprint. It needed an advanced technology platform that met many requirements which had not existed in the market before.

    Shiji Group’s Enterprise Platform has been in design and pilot phases since 2015 under the name AC Project. The platform provides enterprise hotel companies with scalable, state-of-the-art technology and architecture, security compliance and business continuity, and allows connectivity between systems to facilitate strategic business success.

    In the last two years, the platform has grown in functionality, adding services such as Restaurant Management, Table Management, Data Intelligence, Recreation and Spa solutions. Additional functions of guest preferences and hotel management services being added make it a true enterprise platform for hospitality businesses. Shiji Enterprise Platform is built on the AWS cloud computing stack providing the latest generation of speed and security for customers and guests.

    “We are delighted to build upon our relationship with The Peninsula Hotels to implement our Enterprise Platform. The enterprise solution was built for global hotel brands like The Peninsula Hotels to improve their operational efficiencies by providing a technology platform that guarantees a truly seamless and personalized guest experience for their hotel guests. The Shiji Enterprise Platform will combine the core functions of The Peninsula Hotels’ technologies and enable improved operations and future success,” said Kevin King, Chief Operating Officer of Shiji Group.

    “We have partnered with Shiji Group to implement the Shiji Enterprise Platform, as it is the ideal technology solution for a global and diverse hotel brand like ours. With properties in multiple locations across the globe, we needed a reliable and scalable solution to integrate all our systems throughout our properties. As a luxury hotel brand, it is critical for us to provide a high level of personalization for our customers, while keeping their data secure. Shiji’s Enterprise Platform is providing that for us, and we are looking forward to deploying it into our hotels to offer an elevated guest experience for our guests,” said Shane Izaks, Group Director, Information Technology of The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited (HSH).

  • Shiji moves into new Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area offices to better serve the growing number of Americas-based customers and facilitate regional technology growth.

    Chevy Chase, Maryland – Shiji Group has moved into their new Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area office to better serve the growing number of Americas-based Shiji customers.

    The new space will allow the Shiji Americas team to grow, continue providing high levels of service to its customers, and further Shiji’s technology innovation plans.

    With the introduction of Shiji’s next generation hospitality technology platform, Shiji Enterprise Platform, the Shiji Americas team required space where it can build upon the existing operations in Atlanta, Georgia, and Hollywood, Florida, and offer workspace for employees to safely collaborate, and an ideal location for customers, consultants, and partners to meet.

    “With the latest addition to our offices in The Americas, we aim to continue to enhance our sales, operations, and support presence for our rapidly growing Americas customer base. We are investing in people, technology, and infrastructure and look forward to continue providing exceptional products and services to our customers,” said Dan Bell, Senior Vice President for the Americas at Shiji Group.

  • Radisson Hotel Group selects Shiji's ReviewPro for Guest Experience Automation™ solution to improve the digital guest experience through the unique AI-driven chatbot messaging solution for the hospitality industry.

    Barcelona, Spain, November 24, 2020 – Radisson Hotel Group has selected ReviewPro’s Guest Experience Automation™ (GEA) which includes an AI-driven chatbot messaging solution, as part of the group’s continued investment and commitment to always innovating, expanding, and improving the guest experience across its global hotel and resorts portfolio.

    ReviewPro has built a native chatbot solution which will help hotels react immediately to incoming guest messaging inquiries and provide automated outbound communication. After a decade of leading the online reputation and guest feedback marketplace, ReviewPro is now rolling out its GEA solution to offer exactly what the industry now needs – timely, up to date, and effective communication at all stages of the guest journey.

    “Technology has never been more crucial for the hospitality industry, and Radisson Hotel Group is committed to being at the forefront of IT and digital infrastructure development. ReviewPro has supported us as we continue to put the guest experience at the heart of everything that we do. GEA’s chatbot solution not only increases efficiency by answering some of the frequently asked questions from guests, but it also offers the supporting structures needed to meet guest needs for information and assistance from booking to check out,” stated Cristina Serra, Global SVP Brand Strategy & Guest Experience for Radisson Hotel Group. “We trust the ReviewPro and Shiji teams, and see them as our technology partners, not just a technology vendor. We are very excited to be taking this step with ReviewPro who has been an excellent partner over the years and look forward to rolling out GEA to our global properties around the world.

    Guest Experience Automation™ works seamlessly with the other guest experience management solutions which Radisson Hotel Group already uses to continuously provide a better experience for guests, save time, improve efficiency, and provide valuable data including Online Reputation Management, Guest Satisfaction Surveys, and Auto Case Management.

    This pioneering software is different from others in the chatbot marketplace, ensuring that it proves ROI from day one:

    • Requires minimum implementation time and training
    • Comes ready to answer over 5,000 hospitality-specific questions
    • Includes a pre-filled knowledge base with the hotel’s own information
    • Does not stop at a simple chatbot solution – is supported by automation and tracking tools to offer full support pre, during, and post-stay

    Since 2017, Radisson Hotel Group has worked with ReviewPro as one of its key technology partners to support its guest-centric strategy. In 2019, the two companies began working together on an AI solution specialized for hospitality, and by the end of March 2020, more than 80% of Radisson Hotel Group’s incoming requests were successfully managed by the chatbot.

    “We are delighted to have been able to develop this pioneering product alongside Radisson Hotel Group, one of our most valued and forward-thinking clients. The process has allowed us the privilege of developing a solution that meets specific hospitality needs for communication, automation, and guest feedback management, going far beyond the industry standards of simple conversion features,” said Michael Kessler, CEO of ReviewPro, “When designing solutions we value and prioritize flexibility and scalability, in order to meet enterprise hotel needs. We look forward to continuing to work with the Radisson Hotel Group team and rolling out the solution for the industry at large.”

  • Shiji Group expands its global presence to Latin America with the extension of services and support to the region and the opening of a new office in Mexico City.

    Chevy Chase, Maryland, January 12, 2021 – Shiji Group has expanded their global presence with the formation of operations in the Latin America region to provide extended services and support to Shiji’s ever-growing customer base.

    With the expanded focus on Latin America and the opening of Shiji Mexico, Shiji’s new entity in Mexico City, Shiji will have the opportunity to serve the LATAM market and continue to provide high levels of service to existing and new customers.

    Shiji Group also opened a new office in Chevy Chase Maryland in October of 2020, further proving the company’s commitment to the Americas and mission to provide global support to customers utilizing any of Shiji Group’s innovative stack of hospitality technology products and services.

    “We are thrilled to continue to expand Shiji’s growing global presence in the Latin America region as the market continues to develop and hold a significant place in the hospitality industry. With the increasing number of customers in the region, we are eager to invest in people and infrastructure in the region to provide even more support and products to our customer base,” said Dan Bell, Senior Vice President for the Americas, Shiji Group.

    “The establishment of Shiji in Latin America will secure even more access to the region and unlock new levels of innovation for our customers. With Shiji’s suite of enterprise-level hospitality products, the LATAM team will enable regional clients to improve their existing technology, upgrade to Shiji’s market-leading products, and receive further localized customer support from Shiji experts,” said Diego Rebecca, Director of Sales, Latin America, Shiji Group.

  • Shiji Group has been selected by Atlas Hotels, Europe's biggest franchisee of IHG Hotel & Resort's Holiday Inn Express, to implement Infrasys Cloud POS throughout all 50 hotel properties across the United Kingdom.

    BERLIN, GERMANY, March 29, 2021 – Shiji Group has recently announced that UK-based Atlas Hotels has selected its Infrasys Cloud POS solution for all 50 hotel properties the company operates under IHG Hotels & Resorts.

    With over two decades in the industry, Shiji’s Infrasys Cloud POS, has built a game-changing cloud-based point-of-sale system with the ability to work on most existing hardware with additional offline capabilities.

    Atlas Hotels is currently Europe’s biggest franchisee of IHG Hotel & Resort’s Holiday Inn Express and owns and operates 50 properties, in addition to one Hampton by Hilton property.

    “We are excited to work with Shiji Group and its Infrasys Cloud POS solution throughout our 50 properties. The ease of cascading menus and pricing from our corporate office to all of our properties and the resulting valuable analytics; as well as the ability to install the solution on our existing hardware were major factors in our decision to select the industry leading, cloud-based POS,” said Martin Coombes, Director of Operations & Product of Atlas Hotels.

    “Our recent partnership with Atlas Hotels highlights the ease of implementation of our Infrasys Cloud POS solution across an entire estate and we are excited to offer Atlas Hotels a centralized, mobile, and well-integrated system that allows them to operate their entire business within one system. We look forward to furthering the installation of Infrasys across more IHG Hotels & Resorts brands and increasing our partnerships with the hotel group around the world,” said Sven Maas, Senior Vice President - EMEA of Shiji Group.

  • Shiji Group has installed mobile Infrasys Cloud POS across the various outlets of the Mandarin Oriental, Santiago, further increasing its reach within the Latin American region.

    ATLANTA, GA, March 24, 2021 – Shiji Group has recently implemented its Infrasys Cloud POS solution at Mandarin Oriental, Santiago in Santiago, Chile across the property’s 10 outlets, including on-site restaurants, in-room dining, and the pool. The success of the large install during the COVID-19 pandemic, is an example of Shiji’s flexibility and character, even in times of complexity.

    The installation of Infrasys Cloud POS at the luxury Mandarin Oriental property in Chile has now allowed the hotel property to be more mobile than ever before with the implementation of Infrasys on 25 iPads and 12 Shiji 5900 workstations. The hotel has also leveraged Infrasys’ open API platform to connect to multiple interfaces already in use by the hotel, creating seamless and easy integrations.

    Infrasys, the leading food and beverage enterprise POS solution provider, provides hotels and restaurants around the world with cloud-based point-of-sale solutions, advanced mobile capabilities, and extensive integration offerings.

    Mandarin Oriental, Santiago is a member of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, the award-winning owner and operator of 34 hotels and seven residences across 24 countries and territories.

    “We are proud to work with Mandarin Oriental in their beautiful property in Santiago, Chile. The recent installation further solidifies our commitment to the Latin American market, and we look forward to working with more hotels in the region,” said Diego Rebecca, Director of Sales, Latin America of Shiji Group.

    “We sincerely appreciate Shiji’s efforts during this install. The care that they have taken to support and manage our partnership has been outstanding - they have gone above and beyond our expectations in every aspect, especially project planning, project management and customer service,” said Tina Stehle, Director, Global Applications Support of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.


  • Infrasys Cloud POS
    Infrasys Cloud POS is an easy-to-use enterprise software solution designed for global hotel chains. Infrasys can run on any operating system and hardware device. Built on an open platform, Infrasys is designed to be fast, reliable, and secure....

  • Infrasys is an enterprise-level cloud point-of-sale system. Fast, reliable and secure, Infrasys has all of the features you need to run a successful operation and provides a platform to implement new technologies as they emerge. For convenience, Infrasys is designed to work on any hardware device and operating system. Built on an open API platform, Infrasys connects to third-party products and services easily and seamlessly. Utilizing a true cloud-based platform, Infrasys allows you to manage your restaurant operations anytime, anywhere through a browser-based application. This enables hotels to centralize and standardize globally, while customizing locally for unique brands or individual hotels.

    Infrasys has the POS features you need:

    • Reservation & Waitlist Management
    • Guest Profile & Loyalty Programs
    • Order ahead & Tableside Ordering
    • Kitchen Display Systems
    • In-depth Reporting
    • Traditional & Non-Traditional
    • Payment Integrations
    • Enterprise Menu Management
    • Inventory Management
  • Concept Spa & Golf
    Concept provides SaaS-based spa, golf, and activity reservation management software solutions for enterprise hotels and premiere resorts....

  • Leveraging over 20 offices globally, Concept provides SaaS-based spa and activity reservation management software solutions for enterprise hotels and premiere resorts. With over 25 years of experience, Concept has developed a comprehensive reservation management solution to connect every aspect of a Spa and Golf operation, including retail POS and inventory management, yield management, and golf clinic administration. Concept software is available in multiple languages and is suited for multi-property and multi-currency operations. Published APIs allow a broad range of property-based integrations and online booking partners needed for best-in-class deployments.

  • MyCheck
    MyCheck is the hospitality industry’s leading payment and integration technology provider, offering various products that can be used separately or combined to equip hotels and restaurants with a powerful digital customer engagement experience....

  • Digitize your dining experience with MyCheck Dine’s fully integrated and non-integrated contactless digital F&B ordering and payment solutions. Our solutions equip hotels and restaurants with a powerful digital customer engagement experience. With MyCheck Dine, you can offer a single guest-facing experience, even when using different POS and PMS systems throughout your enterprise. With MyCheck, you can open more ordering channels, increase order accuracy, and generate higher sales per guest.

    With MyCheck's Stay solution, you can offer a dgital check-in and check-out experience. Integrated with your PMS, MyCheck Stay enables guests to choose rooms, check-in, view their folio, pay, and check-out through their own mobile device. In addition, with MyCheck, you can speed up check-in/out and clear reception queues by offering Kiosks that generate room keys.

  • IcePortal
    IcePortal is an image management and distribution platform. IcePortal provides industry leading tools to edit, categorize, tag, order, add room codes, and map their visual asset to 1000s of distribution channels around the globe....

  • IcePortal has created the most powerful image management and distribution platform in the travel and hospitality industry. The Content Management System (CMS) provides hotel groups with industry leading tools and capabilities that allow hoteliers to edit, categorize, tag, order, add room codes, and map their visual asset to 1000s of distribution channels around the globe in 13 languages. There are several points of value that differentiate Ice:

    • Largest Distribution Network
      • 3X more channels than any competitor
    • Content Score
      • IcePortal gives each asset a content score for their visuals, allowing hotels to know image quality and how to improve visuals
    • Curation of Visuals
      • IcePortal’s tagging system curates visuals with contextual meta-tags for each image, and maps the tags to leading OTAs
  • Shiji Distribution Solutions
    Shiji Distribution Solutions is the leading facilitator for global businesses looking to connect with the booming Chinese travel ecosystem....

  • Shiji Distribution Solutions is the leading facilitator for global businesses looking to connect with the booming Chinese travel ecosystem. We help our international partners interface with their Chinese prospects and provide the technical connectivity to make business happen along the way. Whether it be the world’s largest OTAs, social networking apps such as WeChat, or travel wholesalers, Shiji Distribution Solutions provides unprecedented access to the Chinese market with a single, user-friendly connection. Our technology provides greater revenue opportunities that go beyond traditional distribution, empowering hotels to automate more of their businesses, sell ancillary products, and increase revenues.

  • Shiji Payment Solutions
    Shiji Payment Solutions is a modern, flexible, truly global platform for payment processing and data switching, which uses an open API strategy....

  • With over a decade in the Payments Industry, Shiji has collaborated with banks and merchants of all kinds to provide cutting-edge, scalable, and secure payment solutions. Shiji Payment Solutions is a modern, flexible, truly global platform for payment processing and data switching, which uses an open API strategy. The Shiji Payment Platform is tightly integrated with all existing Shiji front-end management systems and business applications, resulting in more efficient workflows and more powerful, flexible business operations. The modular design allows customers to add processing partners and payment devices quickly, providing access to a portfolio of global processing partners, as well as a range of payment devices and a wide range of payment features and functionalities.
  • Shiji Professional Services
    Shiji Professional Services delivers support and consulting services for the leading PMS and POS systems on the market....

  • Shiji Professional Services offers clients customized outside-the-box solutions, dedicated PMS and POS teams, and over 40 experiened US-based experts as well as local teams to support each region. Shiji's consulting team assists chains of all sizes with upgrades, new installations, training, backup solutions, and interfaces.  All projects are guided by a dedicated project management team to ensure clients' projects are delivered with a fast turnaround time. 
  • ReviewPro
    ReviewPro enables hotels to identify operational and service improvements and effectively manage internal processes to ensure these changes are implemented across the entire organization....

  • ReviewPro is the leading provider of Guest Intelligence solutions to independent hotel brands worldwide. The company’s suite of cloud-based solutions includes Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Guest Satisfaction Surveys (GSS), which enable clients to obtain a deeper understanding of reputation performance as well as operational/service strengths and weaknesses. ReviewPro also provides actionable insights to increase guest satisfaction, rankings on review sites/OTAs, and revenue. It offers the industry-standard online reputation score Global Review Index™ (GRI), which is used by tens of thousands of hotels worldwide as a benchmark for reputation management efforts, based on review data collected from 175 OTAs and review sites in more than 45 languages.

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