Hisun Test Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd

  • Booth: 207

和创联合科技(北京)有限公司是注册于中关村高新技术产业实验区的高新技术企业,具备一批成熟的测试测量领域的专业团队,依托自身技术经验积累,为各行业用户提供测试测量产品、系统解决方案及增值配套设备的系统集成服务商。 Hisun Test Technologies(Beijing)Co.,Ltd is an high-tech enterprise which registered in the Zhongguancun High-tech Industry Experimental Zone, with a number of sophisticated test and measurement professional team, relying on our own technical experience, An system integration service providers focuses on providing test and measurement products for various industries, system solutions and value-added ancillary equipment.

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