Sanetronic Company Ltd.

  • Booth: 426

Sanetronic Co. Ltd., a Hong Kong registered company founded in 1988, is a professional representative and distributor firm supplying various kinds of RF/Microwave, Millimeter-wave, Microwave Photonic, Optical and Hi-REL electronic components and devices for years. The company now has eight Chinese sales offices, respectively located in Hong Kong, Beijing, ChengDu, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Xi'An.

The Company represents and distributes Advance Semiconductor Business (ASB), Cree (Wolfspeed), Laird (Emerson&Cuming), Knowles Capacitors: Dielectric Laboratory (DLI), Novacap,Syfer and Voltronics, DowKey Microwave, K&L Microwave, MetaLife, MtronPTI, Premix, RN2.

Brands: The Company represents and distributes ASB, Cree, Laird (Emerson&Cuming), Knowles: DLI,Novacap,Syfer and Voltronics, DowKey, K&L, MetaLife, MtronPTI, Premix, RN2.

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