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United States
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Mician RF EDA software solutions: Where Accurate meets Fast

Mician µWave Wizard EDA software combines the flexibility of traditional 2D/3D Finite Element Methods with the speed and accuracy of Mode Matching techniques.  The benefit of Mode Matching lies in its ability to perform and combine sub-circuit type full-wave simulations with full parameterization of physical dimensions, a prerequisite for efficient optimization.  Fast and easy composition of a complex RF device using basic building blocks eliminates the need for creating a full 3D model of the entire structure, thereby speeding up the design process.  For elements not included in building block libraries, a state of the art 3D drafting tool in conjunction with three FEM solvers enables users to create their own structures.

µWave Wizard offers three different optimizers, a bandpass and a lowpass filter synthesis tool as well as synthesis tools for dual offset reflector antennas and waveguide horns.  In addition to its fast and powerful numerical methods, µWave Wizard's strength lies in its flexibility and openness, namely its COM API interface for external control and CAD export formats that interface with most mechanical design tools (STL, STP, IGES, DXF).

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