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AXIS Automation is an industry-leading manufacturing company backed by over 35 years of experience and global reach. We provide a wide range of innovative, automated decorating and finishing solutions for the baking and snack food industry. Our drive is our customers. We’ve worked with over 400 clients, including Fortune 100 and 500 companies around the world, to perfect their product and streamline their process for greater output and less waste. We are committed to providing reliable, accurate, and efficient systems that deliver better quality product at higher production rates and lower cost.


With our machinery, consistency and quality always come first. When your product comes out just as expected, every time, you waste fewer ingredients and save more money. Our engineers work with the unique requirements of your product to achieve accurate and precise decorating and finishing solutions.


When we design our equipment, we keep in mind that giving you more possibilities allows you more control over your product. That’s why we incorporate flexibility of use into all of our machines so that you can manage which ingredients you use, application rates and production volume.


Working with AXIS means finding the solution to your unique production requirements and achieving the consistency and accuracy your product demands. Each machine is designed with both functionality and footprint in mind to streamline your process at an economical and eco-friendly price, ensuring you the highest return on investment.

The success of our customers is the result of our dedication to the precision, flexibility and innovation of our equipment that is Built to Last and Designed to Deliver!


AXIS Mini Filler
AXIS Mini Tart 500


  • AXIS Half Icer
    The patent-pending AXIS Half Icer was designed to ensure uniform and consistent coverage. Product temperatures are maintained within as little as ±1°F. Sports a unique “no-tail” decorating feature. It works with both water-based and fat-based icing....

  • Quality and quantity. Handles a wide variety of icing viscosities with ease. Whether you’re working with water or fat-based ingredients, look forward to the fastest production rates in the industry. Use the AXIS Half Icer with an onboard by-pass conveyor and link to multiple icers for quick color changes without interrupting production. With its small footprint, dependable results and easy-clean capabilities, there really isn’t a better solution.

    • Kettle design prevents icing build-up with independent agitators and sidewall scrapers
    • Minimizes shear of icing
    • Water jacketed stainless steel Positive Displacement (PD) Pumps
    • Adjustable bath height for greater control over coverage
    • Triple walled kettle for external insulation layer with internal jacketed hopper
    • Internal heating elements or external steam supply
    • Automatically alerts if icing exceeds normal operating parameters
    • Bypass conveyor to divert donuts from icing bath in continuous operation
    • Water jacketed piping ensures continuous flow of material, even at startup
    • Water jacketed reclaim hopper keeps product at ideal temperature

  • AXIS Topper
    The industry standard for dispensing dry, flowable ingredients with volumetric accuracy of up to ±5%. Features rate adjustment controlled electronically by VFD, quick changeover between toppings and photo-eye detection to maximize production time....

  • Reduce your topping usage and waste with unrivaled accuracy and coverage. Precise control of application rates for an even and uniform distribution across the entire width of deposit is critical in maintaining quality control and labeling requirements. The AXIS Topper is the ultimate in deposit accuracy for all of your dry and semi-moist toppings.

    Simple VFD controls, along with our standard gearbox and motor, allow for greater flexibility in setting your dispensing rate. Upgrading to a servo-motor and servo-controls offers the maximum range of dispensing rates. For the ultimate in flexibility and accuracy, turn your volumetric topper into a gravimetric system. With the data collection capabilities of a gravimetric system, you can document the exact weight of product dispensed at any given time.

    • Vary deposit rates accurately with precise speed control
    • Dispenses in a consistent, even, uniform pattern
    • Evenly distributes from left to right, up to 3 meters (10 feet) wide
    • Constant dispense rate will not change over time
    • Compact design fits into any production line
    • Quick, tool-less disassembly for easy sanitation
    • Independently controlled hopper agitation
    • Fully-automated refill and reclaim options available
    • Automated side filling of Toppers where overhead space is limited
    • Transport carts, mobile c-frames and roller designs maximize transport options

  • AXIS Salter
    The AXIS Salter is engineered to operate under the harshest plant environments while delivering a reliable and measurable dose of salt. Achieve salt dispensing rates within as little as ±1% of the desired weight across the entire width of deposit....

  • A standard in the salted snack and cracker industry, the AXIS Salter is capable of dispensing your most challenging salts. From flour salt to pretzel salt, low to high volume topping rates, get consistently uniform performance. Uniquely engineered with a precision-machined salt metering valve, upper accumulation plate and lower distribution plate to deliver unparalleled salt delivery.

    • Varies deposit rates accurately with precise speed control
    • Won’t grind salt
    • Dispenses in a consistent, reliable, repeatable pattern
    • Avoid negative effects of moisture with precise heater controls
    • Evenly distributes from left to right
    • Constant dispense rate will not change over time
    • Compact design fits into any production line
    • Easy to clean and sanitize
    • Quick set-up: 15-minutes

  • AXIS 360 Topper
    Engineered for consistent inline top-and-bottom enrobing of all types of dry toppings without tumbling. The low profile allows you to easily retrofit into your existing line. Fully integrated refill and reclaim options keep your line operational....

  • When tumbling your product is undesirable or not an option, fully coat your product in an even, uniform layer while keeping product orientation intact. The AXIS 360 Topper handles high-volume throughputs gently and efficiently with less waste. Innovative products call for innovative designs. If you have a customized product, we have the solution for you.

    • Top and bottom coverage without tumbling
    • Keeps orientation of product intact
    • Will not slow down high-speed lines
    • Roll-in, roll-out for easy inspection and sanitation
    • Fully automated reclaim and refill options available
    • Easily interfaces with existing processes
    • Low profile: engineered to fit within limited space
    • Automated side fill of toppers where space is limited
    • Varies deposit rates accurately with precise speed control
    • Dispenses in a consistent, reliable, repeatable pattern

  • AXIS Seeder
    Dispenses consistent, reliable, repeatable patterns without product degradation. Deposit seeds in a round pattern on buns with no pan clean-up. Change to square depositing for bread pans in seconds. No mess, dispense precisely where you want seeds....

  • Less waste means higher profits, but not at the expense of even coverage. Don’t settle for square depositing on a round bun. Ever see unevenly distributed mixed seeds on bread rolls? Avoid it by upgrading to the AXIS Seeder. This system delivers the ultimate in deposit accuracy without product degradation.

    While other systems separate multi-grain seed blends, the AXIS Seeder dispenses homogeneously. Gentle handling minimizes degradation and breakage to dispense with unparalleled uniformity. Servo motors and controls offer the maximum range of dispensing rates and precise start/stop capabilities. For the ultimate flexibility and accuracy, turn your volumetric Seeder into a gravimetric system. This allows you to set the exact rate of dispensing by the desired weight. It even captures and documents data for later analysis.

    • No mess, no waste - dispense precisely where you want seeds
    • No product bridging inside the hopper
    • Varies deposit rates accurately with precise speed control
    • Dispenses in a consistent, reliable, repeatable pattern
    • Evenly distributes from left to right
    • Constant dispense rate will not change over time
    • Compact design fits into any production line
    • Quick, tool-less disassembly for easy sanitation
    • Consistent product flow with proprietary hopper design
    • Programmable for different toppings, rates and pans
    • Servo controls for precise targeting

  • AXIS Spot Topper
    Eliminate waste and the need for reclaim while making in-package decorating possible. Imagine placing three perfectly positioned chocolate candies on a cookie or depositing a round pattern of seeds on buns without getting seeds on the pan!...

  • The AXIS Spot Topper is a great solution when the reclaim of toppings is not practical. Get precise, targeted topping even in the most complex patterns: rectangles, circles, stars, custom shapes and more. Intermittent motion or continuous? In molds, pans or on a belt? Pre-bake or post bake? Check them all–AXIS engineers have thought of everything. Reduce labor, waste, and costs. Be pattern perfect. For quality, innovation, and precision, you can’t top this!

    • Makes in-package decorating possible
    • Prevents toppings from melting on the oven band
    • Precise targeted pattern dispensing: round, hearts, stars and other shapes
    • Varies deposit rates accurately with precise speed control
    • Easily change the dispensing shafts and chute guides
    • Dispenses in a consistent, reliable, repeatable pattern
    • User-friendly operator interface
    • Servo-motor controls for precision and speed
    • Evenly distributes from left to right
    • Constant dispense rate will not change over time
    • Eliminates waste and the need for reclaim!

  • AXIS Duster
    The AXIS Duster (US Patent No. 9,545,123 B2) ensures a continuous application of fine to coarse powders. This kind of allocation control allows for even distribution and consistent patterns without bridging or starving....

  • No surging, bridging, bare spots or streaking. The AXIS Duster is uniquely engineered to increase productivity and decrease waste in your operation. Every detail is designed for non-stop coverage and efficiency. The proof is in the pattern. Imagine up to 50% decrease in flour consumption? With a Return on Investment (ROI) of 3 to 6 months, you’ll see a difference to your bottom line in record time.

    This design ensures a continuous application of very fine to coarse products that cannot be easily dispensed with traditional feeders. Lay down an even, consistent pattern without bridging or starving. That’s the kind of dispensing control you get from the AXIS Duster.

    • Patented design offers consistent, reliable, repeatable dispensing without bridging
    • Varies deposit rates accurately with precise speed control
    • Evenly distributes from left to right
    • Constant dispense rate will not change over time
    • Compact design fits into any production line
    • Easy to clean and sanitize
    • Quick set-up: 5-minutes
    • No screens to clog

  • AXIS Rake Topper
    Engineered to separate and evenly distribute product that has a high moisture content with precision and accuracy. It seamlessly receives product in bulk, separates and dispenses evenly, while avoiding clumping and breakage....

  • Handle sticky or oily dairy ingredients with ease. From heavy distributions like streusel, graham cracker crust, or extra cheesy pizzas to a dusting of parmesan on crackers, this moist ingredient depositor can be used for a variety of applications. The AXIS Rake Topper is easy to control, clean and sanitize. Save waste, boost productivity. It’s a win-win.

    • Varies deposit rates accurately with precise speed control
    • Dispenses in a consistent, reliable, repeatable pattern
    • Automated hopper level sensing
    • Evenly distributes from left to right
    • Constant dispense rate will not change over time
    • Compact design fits into any production line
    • Easy to clean and sanitize

  • AXIS Glazer
    The AXIS Glazer provides a continuous, uninterrupted flow of glaze for consistently uniform donuts every time. Our unique, closed-loop, screening and filtration system ensures product is recycled, reheated and reused without waste and mess....

  • Need to quickly change depositing widths? The AXIS Glazer allows you to narrow the stream while production is running. The recirculation system returns glaze to the heating kettle to keep everything at optimal temperature. Water jacketed tanks, pipes, pumps and reclaim hoppers minimize build-up. Integrate with plant steam or supplied with on-board heaters and pumps. Designed for quick and easy sanitation.

    • Deals with high BRIX glazing solutions
    • Water jacketed waterfall station
    • Glazing recirculates to heated holding tank
    • Run glaze-free through freezers
    • Adjustable conveyor nose bars positioned with gaps to minimize glaze transfer
    • Open conveyor belt design minimizes glaze build-up
    • Piping uses sanitary quick disconnect couplings
    • Reclaim system mounted on cart for easy removal and sanitation
    • Variable speed blower and manifold strip excess glaze from products
    • Adjustable flow rates use PD pumps for maximum precision and repeatability
    • Belt scraper has quick release feature for cleaning and sanitizing

  • AXIS Drizzler
    The AXIS Drizzler gives you precise control with limitless possibilities. Optional servo controls allow you to store custom patterns, unique design elements and even random patterns that mimic the appearance of icing applied by hand....

  • From simple to complex patterns, the AXIS Drizzler delivers exceptional performance every time. Automatic nozzle purging and stainless steel positive displacement pumps keep everything free-flowing. Chocolate, caramel, or icing – the AXIS Drizzler handles it with ease. Look forward to easy clean-up, less waste and greater productivity. The versatile design fits into any production line to provide crisp, beautiful patterns.

    Precise controls. Limitless possibilities. With the AXIS Drizzler, achieve the look and feel of hand decorating. Standard designs include thick to thin lines, zigzags, curves, single or double loops, wavy and slanted lines, figure-8’s and cross-hatching. Optional servo controls store custom patterns, unique design elements and even random patterns that mimic the appearance of icing applied by hand.

    • Dual strainers for clean-out during production
    • Optional self-cleaning nozzles to maintain flow
    • Jacketed pipes, hoses and nozzles maintain temperature within as little as ±1°F
    • Specially designed conveyors stay clean throughout production run
    • Live roller elements at conveyor for long life and smooth motion
    • Variable tension belt scraper keeps belt clean and free of icing
    • Jacketed and heated catch pan and pump for optimal stringing

  • AXIS Coating Drum
    Ideal for applying oils, slurries, powders and sugar coatings. Removable FDA approved polypropylene drum for quick flavor changes and easy sanitation. Bi-directional seamless flights mean gentle handling, minimal breakage and maximum coverage....

  • From fragile chips and soft donuts to hearty trail mixes and peanuts, the AXIS Coating Drum handles it all. Easily adjust drum angles to achieve optimal product flow. Connect plastic liners together for added dwell time. Automatically adjust to line speeds with optional mass flow vibratory conveyors. Refilling of seasoning hopper can be automated by adding an AXIS Vacuum Conveyor. Designed with flexibility in mind.

    • Evenly distributes seasoning without separation or clogging
    • Plastic drum liner allows for quick flavor changes
    • Apply liquid and/or dry seasoning in one system
    • Lightweight plastic drum for easy removal and cleaning
    • Meter seasoning by volume or gravimetrically
    • Drum has non-stick finish to resist product build up
    • Auto refill of ingredients with integrated vacuum conveyor
    • Automatically adjust to match product flow
    • Gentle tumbling action for minimum product breakage
    • Removable drum is designed for rapid changeover without tools
    • Continuous in-line weighing system

  • AXIS Spraying Systems
    A specially designed, non-clogging dispersion drum provides exceptionally even coverage across the entire width of deposit without the drawbacks of spinning discs and spray nozzles....

  • Light misting of dough before seeding. Knife-like bread splitting. Ultra-low water misting on rice cakes before seasoning or hi-speed oil spraying of baking pans. It’s all about precision and AXIS Spraying Systems are designed to deliver.

    Consistently apply the proper volume of liquid that provides complete coverage and minimal waste. Air atomized or hydraulic? High-frequency pulsing nozzles or continuous flow? Bakeries require precise control of liquid flow to ensure costly coatings are applied with quality and throughput in mind. Apply product only where it’s needed, when it’s needed. With AXIS Spraying Systems, dispensing precision is always on target.

    Whether it involves targeting baking pan cavities or a wide spray angle for sheeted product, AXIS Sprayers come in a variety of nozzle and pump styles for custom tailored spraying profiles to fit your application. Dispense non-stick coatings, batter on French toast, freeze barrier coatings on frozen foods, and flavor coatings in consistent, reliable and repeatable patterns. Spray applications like butter, oil, chocolates and glazes with ease. Our spray designs make cleaning and sanitation easy. When combined with our robust and sanitary conveyor designs, AXIS offers you complete, turn-key solutions.

    • Controlled application of oils and other liquids
    • Ultra-low volume applications
    • Simple and reliable operation
    • Uniform coverage across band width
    • Dispenses in a consistent, reliable, repeatable pattern
    • Reclaim system is tolerant of salt, crumbs and debris in liquid
    • Easy maintenance
    • Overspray recovery and mist elimination
    • Top-only, bottom-only, or top and bottom spray
    • Easy to clean and sanitize
    • Viscous and non-viscous coatings
    • Reduce product scrap from over/under application of coatings

  • AXIS Injection Systems
    AXIS Injection Systems are flexible enough to do inline, top or side injection in the same design. Maintain consistencies of up to ±1% by volume at rates of up to 30 cycles per minute....

  • Long and narrow. Short and round. Hearts, rings or stars. Our injection heads can easily accommodate any shape or size. Got fillings that are hot or cold? With or without inclusions? No problem. This piston depositor can handle a wide variety of creams, jams, jellies, custards, syrups, whipped cream, icings, and chocolates.

    Easily incorporate the AXIS Injection System into your existing line, or let us custom design a solution for your application. In line or single file. On a flat belt or in pockets. In trays or on pans. Flexible enough to fill your needs.

    • Easily remove injection head for quick product changeover or sanitation
    • Servo controls instead of pneumatics to maintain accuracy over time
    • Suitable for fillings such as cream, jam, syrup, whipped cream, icing, and chocolate
    • Dedicated volumetric piston for each injection needle to ensure accuracy
    • Available with vertical and horizontal moving head
    • Jacketed hoppers for temperature control of fillings
    • Needle designs to prevent buildup and clogging
    • Well suited for large volume deposits or for filling multiple rows per cycle
    • Automatic Clean in Place (CIP) system available for quick and easy sanitation
    • Design ensures consistency across all depositing lanes
    • Standard or custom needles and nozzles to handle any injection profile
    • “Suck-back” feature prevents product leakage from injection point

  • AXIS Depositing Systems
    Depositing and filling technology for accurate depositing of dense or aerated mixes, batters and doughs. Servo motors drive feed rollers and lobed pumps for volumetric accuracies of up to ±1%. Capable of continuous extruding or intermittent depositing....

  • Batter in muffin pans. Cookies on trays. Layers of cream on cakes. Shepherd’s pie or apple pie? The applications for AXIS Depositors are endless. Does your batter contain small particulates like nuts, chocolates, berries or candied fruits? No problem. Handle a wide variety of viscosities, with or without chunks and inclusions with ease.

    Add a range of easy-to-replace accessories including twisting nozzles, guillotines, press rollers, decorating rollers and more. Optional servo driven wire-cut mechanism produces cookies and biscuits at speeds of up to 120 cycles per minute. Move vertically, horizontally or both to accurately target continuously moving or intermittent production lines. Need to deposit over an existing oven band? How about a turnkey mobile unit with its own conveyor? AXIS depositing systems are flexible by design.

    • Easily remove depositing head for quick product changeover or sanitation
    • Servo motors allow for precise volumetric depositing
    • Specially designed rollers for damage-free handling
    • Moving support frames over existing tunnel ovens deposit product directly on oven band
    • Optional wire cut attachment for precise dispensing of sticky product
    • Two servo motors drive feed and metering rollers independently
    • Convert between intermittent and continuous motion
    • Optional vertical movement of depositing unit for placement of product inside cups
    • Stuffing rollers above metering rollers eliminate voids in depositing
    • Modular design allows for easy change-over
    • Tool-less changeover of masking plates allow for quick and easy size and shape changes
    • Optional sheet feeder for automatic loading of parchment paper on trays

  • AXIS Topper LT
    Reduce costs and labor with this affordable solution based on the industry-leading AXIS Topper. The simple, elegant design gives you a higher degree of control over costly ingredients plus accurate, efficient dispensing of all dry, flowable ingredients....

  • Based on the industry-leading AXIS Topper, this simple, elegant design gives you a higher degree of control over ingredients while reducing costs and labor. Look forward to good quality control and just-right visual appeal.

    Simple VFD controls and a gear-motor drive allow for greater flexibility in setting your dispensing rate. Meets the demands of continuous production and BISSC standards using high quality, food grade materials and sanitary construction. Get the Topper LT and look forward to eliminating waste, improving product quality and minimizing labor.

    • Varies deposit rates accurately with precise speed control
    • Dispenses in a consistent, reliable, repeatable pattern
    • Evenly distributes from left to right
    • Constant dispense rate will not change over time
    • Compact design fits into any production line
    • Easy to clean and sanitize
    • Quick set-up: 15 minutes

  • AXIS Pump Feeders & Extruders
    Accurately pump and extrude any medium to high viscosity product in sheets, rows, through dies or over long distances with ease. High torque, low shear and counter-rotating synchronized augers are key....

  • Imagine portioning an entire block of frozen butter into your mixer without tempering it first. Or extruding breakfast bars with large inclusions like chocolate chips, fruit particulates or nuts without secondary processing. AXIS pump feeders and extruders are designed to handle this and more. Highly-viscous materials from 500,000 to 1,000,000 centipoise? No problem. Ask our experts about post-processing accessories such as wire cutters, slitters, sizing rollers, vertical or horizontal guillotine cutters, interchangeable die plates and ultrasonic cutters.

    • Precisely feed, size, sheet deposit or portion product that won’t flow by gravity
    • Accurately control feed rates for uninterrupted flow
    • Gentle handling ensures product is not overworked
    • Eliminate air pockets and voids at the inlet
    • Maintain consistent pressures with PID controls
    • Consistently feed highly-viscous materials from 500,000cP to 1,000,000cP
    • Extreme accuracy across widths of up to 1200mm
    • Easily interchangeable dies and tooling
    • Sanitary, easy to disassemble, 100% wash-down
    • Optional filling depositors (i.e. jellies, jams, and chocolates) between layers
    • Wide range of accessories: wire cutters, slitters, sizing rollers, vertical or horizontal guillotine cutters, interchangeable die plates and ultrasonic cutters

  • AXIS Vacuum Conveyor
    A self-generating handling system for your fine powders and free-flowing materials. It’s a mess-free, cost-effective solution that does not rely on plant air to function. Canister design minimizes product damage and separation....

  • The AXIS Vacuum Conveyor features a self-generating vacuum blower and self-cleaning filtration system for continuous flow and maximum usage of material. It transfers new and recovered materials on an “as needed” basis minimizing product waste and increasing productivity. The transferred product is collected in a portable reclaim hopper fitted with a vibratory screener to separate clumps and oversized product. Available in two, standard options: a mini blower designed for local transport and a remote blower package for use with multiple lines.

    • Customizable conveying length and volume
    • No plant-air is required
    • Quick disassembly allows for speedy replacement of parts and easy maintenance
    • A unique, self-cleaning filtration design ensures maximum usage of material
    • Low product levels automatically detected and refilled
    • Fully adjustable and programmable rates
    • Can be used as a recovery system for non-applied toppings
    • Optional separate blower packages available for maximum conveying capacity
    • Built for easy integration with AXIS bulk handling systems including AXIS Bulk Bag Unloader and Bag Dump Station

  • AXIS Auger Feeders
    AXIS Auger Feeders are designed to gently and swiftly convey dry products and ingredients that are not easily transported by vacuum like streusel, raisins, or cheese. Available as a flexible plastic or more traditional stainless steel options....

  • This efficient solution can be used to elevate transportation and provide even head pressure in topping systems. AXIS Auger Feeders handle a wide variety of moist and dry products with maximum efficiency and distribution accuracy.

    • Made from 304 and 316 stainless steel or plastics including Delrin, Teflon, and UHMW
    • Evenly fills hoppers of any width
    • Low shear and grinding without loss of conveying speed
    • Flexible augers help optimize feed conveying
    • Distributes product accurately and economically
    • Move product up, down, at-level or around corners
    • Low power consumption makes this an ideal energy saver
    • Low maintenance cost and minimal space requirements

  • AXIS Refill & Reclaim Hoppers
    AXIS Refill & Reclaim Hoppers provide gentle handling of product, minimize breakage and ensure as much product as possible is recovered, reused and recycled. You’ll see significant reductions in waste, labor and costs....

  • Reclaim Hoppers are fitted with air filters and regulators to fine-tune the vacuum takeaway. Wire mesh belts and transfer points between solid belts are convenient, economical points at which to collect unused toppings. Topping is collected on a sanitary, low-profile cross conveyor that gently moves the material to the AXIS Refill/Reclaim Bin. The AXIS Vibratory Screener delicately removes any large dough pieces and transports them to a waste bin. The Reclaim/Refill Bin is connected back to your AXIS Topper, Topper LT, Salter, Seeder or Duster to complete the system loop.

    • Easily integrated with existing Bulk Bag Unloader and Bag Dump Stations
    • Gentle handling and screening of ingredients reduces breakage
    • Automatic and consistent refill of your AXIS Topper, Salter, hoppers or day-bins
    • Low product levels in the hopper are automatically detected and refilled
    • Less waste and damage to toppings
    • Easy to use and integrate into existing systems
    • Optional separate blower packages available for maximum conveying capacity
    • Adjustable vibratory sifter with scrap chute
    • Stainless steel bag guard screen inserts
    • Vacuum hose take-off with adjustable gate and air filter

  • AXIS Conveyors
    AXIS offers a variety of durable, sanitary conveyors: rubber-belted, wire mesh, plastic chain, retractable, reclaim, incline and Z-conveyors. If space is an issue, spiral coolers are the solution....

  • Rubber-Belted: Unique scraper design ensures the belt stays clean. Gravity take-up rollers maintain correct tension as belt stretches. Smallest diameter nose radius in the industry for precise transfers.

    Wire Mesh: A standard in the industry for enrobing applications and dry reclaim of toppings. Gravity take-up rollers and heavy-duty nose rollers are designed to take full loads and belt tensions without bowing.

    Plastic Chain: Flexibility in design with lowest total cost of ownership. Long conveyor runs straight, with horizontal bends, vertical inclines, declines and helical curves in a single design. Repairs are easy with little to no disassembly.

    Retractable: Accurate. Efficient. Precise. This highly durable and sanitary design retracts to drop product into rows, lanes or stacks with position accuracy and precise timing. Great for transferring difficult to handle products.

    Reclaim: Expect durability with V-guided endless belts and stainless steel trough-style construction. Rubber side wiper guides prevent product build-up under belt. Easy maintenance with sanitary, wash-down construction.

    Incline and Z-Conveyors: Raise your expectations for material handling. Incline conveyors work with collection hoppers to gently reclaim and refill product. Z-Conveyors move product up several stories quickly and safely. Combine proven designs with durable, highly sanitary construction that results in a dramatic reduction in clean-up time.

    Spiral Coolers: Get the most out of your space with 500 ft of conveyor contained in 23 coiled levels for 30 minutes of cooling time. Automatic belt tensioning extends belt life and main cage direct drive system eliminates chains and sprockets. Suitable for ambient and freezer applications.

  • AXIS Bag Dump Station
    The Bag Dump Station is a waist-height support structure for emptying bulk bags. Designed with operators in mind, it minimizes dust hazards and features an air valve at operator level to ensure unrestricted flow of material....

  • The Bag Dump Station features gas shocks for lifting the door and keeping it open while bulk bags are emptied. Product is carried away from the operator to a separate dust collection chamber with an inspection window to monitor product fluidization. Adjusting air flow is easy with an operator-level air valve that allows you to record and save settings for different products.

    Designed for efficiency and productivity, the bag dump hopper is conically-shaped with 60° angled walls and pulsing vibration to increase product flow. The door switch triggers the vacuum to pull a slow, negative pressure on the emptied material, minimizing the spread of dust. A Teflon filter provides maximum protection from allergens while quick-disconnect features make for easy replacements and sanitation. Connect the Bag Dump Station to your off-site dust collection or an AXIS Vacuum Conveyor.

    • Adjust airflow for unrestricted flow of material
    • All internal welds ground smooth with no pits, cracks, or crevices
    • Air cylinders enable bag agitation to be cycled automatically
    • Door switch activates vacuum when lid is open
    • Programmable pulsing vibrator
    • Gas shocks for lifting door
    • Connection to your off-site dust collection or an AXIS Vacuum Conveyor
    • Quick disconnect to the vacuum supply line
    • Inspection window allows monitoring of dust collection chamber
    • Separate dust collection chamber keep dust away from operator

  • AXIS Bulk Bag Unloaders
    AXIS Bulk Bag Unloaders transfer ingredients with the highest standards of sanitation, safety, and convenience. The robust design offers stability, control, and operator safety for efficient transfer of all types and sizes of super sack bags and liners....

  • Purposefully engineered with a heavy-duty, four-inch, tubular framework for certified 3000 lb. load capacity. Made from 304 or 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and easy wash down. Integrate your BBU with volumetric or gravimetric feeders for accurate metering of your bulk materials. Standard features include custom bag frames, electric hoists, pneumatic or electric agitation, neoprene bag seals, lump breakers and product level sensors. Transfer all types and sizes of bulk bags, customized to meet your needs.

    • Quiet operation
    • Suitable for all bulk bag types and sizes-up to six feet high and two tons in weight
    • Electric hoist trolley to position bags for dispensing
    • Lump breaker to reduce material sizes to ½” or smaller
    • Pneumatically-operated agitator paddles to increase flow of product
    • Low product level sensor positioned below the lump breaker to sound alarm if material is low
    • Connection to your off-site dust collection or an AXIS Vacuum Conveyor
    • Bag un-tie area with hinged access door and interlock safety switch
    • Bag agitation cycled manually or on a programmable timer
    • Form-fitted fabric sleeve provides a dust-tight seal and product barrier

  • AXIS Donut Decorating System
    The most advanced donut decorating and finishing system on the market. Achieve fully automated injection, glazing, icing and topping at rates of up to 7,200 pieces/hour. Automate the parts of the line you need now and add optional features as you grow....

  • The AXIS FS600 produces great-looking donuts at rates of up to 7,200 donuts/hour. Access endless pattern possibilities for control and visual appeal that is nearly impossible to achieve by hand. Streamline your process, reduce labor and save on ingredients with this fully automated donut decorating line.

    IN-FEED & ALIGNMENT SYSTEM: The automatic loading and alignment station allows a single operator to load 600 dozen donuts per hour for manual operations.  Connect to the AXIS Spiral Cooler for fully automated donut production from fryer to basketing.

    INJECTION SYSTEM: AXIS Injection Systems are flexible enough to do in-line, top or side injection in the same design. Accurate dispensing with as little as ±1% variation by volume even at rates of up to 30 cycles per minute. High-tolerance machining and servo-controlled ball screws ensure accurate, repeatable and controllable results. Fully automated injection of rings, shells, Long Johns, hearts, and stars. Co-injection of two different flavors with the addition of a hopper divider.

    BY-PASS CONVEYOR: Easily raise and lower conveyor to allow for donuts that will not be iced to pass to the next station. This versatile conveyor can be used in series with additional icers for quick color changeover without moving equipment during production.

    HALF ICER: Designed to ensure a uniform and consistent coverage, including regulating product temperatures to stay within ±1°F.  Sports a unique “no-tail” decorating feature. Handles water-based, fat-based and RTU icings without product degradation.

    KETTLE: Triple walled kettle hopper with jacketed inner wall and insulated outer wall maintains icing temperature within ±1°F.  Prevent icing build-up in independent agitators with sidewall scrapers. Minimize shear and extend material life with stainless steel positive displacement pumps designed specifically for icing applications.

    GLAZING: Provides a continuous, uninterrupted flow of glaze for consistently uniform, perfectly glazed donuts every time. Our unique, closed-loop, screening and filtration system ensures product is recycled, reheated and reused without waste and mess.

    DRIZZLING: Get precise controls with limitless possibilities. Optional servo controls allow you to store custom patterns, unique design elements and even random patterns that mimic the appearance of icing applied by hand!

    TOPPING: The industry standard for dispensing all types of dry, flowable ingredients including sprinkles, nuts, granulated sugar, decorettes, non-pareils, candy pieces and chocolate chips. Reduce topping usage and waste with unrivaled accuracy and uniform coverage across the entire width of the deposit.

    REFILL & RECLAIM: AXIS Refill & Reclaim Systems integrate seamlessly into your line to automatically reclaim unused material and refill the Topper. Toppings are gently vacuum-conveyed to the hopper from the reclaim bin to minimize product degradation and maximize usage.  

    SANITARY CONVEYOR: Our robust, durable conveyor designs are meant to last in the harshest of environments. Built for 24/7 operations in washdown environments. Expect sanitary designs with unique features for quick disassembly.

    BASKET LOADING: Automatically load filled, glazed and iced products into baskets in multiple configurations without manual intervention. Optional auto-loading of baskets and paper liners.

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