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Direct manufacturer of fully automated, turn-key bulk-handling systems for the food industry. Storing, dosing and conveying of raw materials and technologies to complete all production processes, such as fermentation, flour cooling, sugar milling, scrap re-work, production of brine and invert sugar. Systems are equipped with traceability and warehouse management software. Process and product analysis, engineering and control, direct manufacture, installation, commissioning and service.

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  • Walk among bulk-handling installations in virtual reality and experience the systems that will be storing and dosing your raw materials. Our crew will lead you through the many available configurations, showing you the flow of materials and helping you appreciate all details in various silos, tanks, dosing and loading stations and technologies like flour cooling, invert sugar and scrap rework. 

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  • Established in Forlì, Italy in 1985, CEPI is a leading Italian producer of storing, conveying and metering systems for the food industry, as well as fully integrated automation and technologies to complete all processes. With more than 10.000 installations the world over and decades of experience working with the most important companies in the food industry, we offer full vertical integration that makes food processing as efficient as can be. Unbroken lines smoothly carry minor, micro and macro ingredients from storage silos to metering stations, with operations managed by touch panels and software providing full traceability and warehouse management. Along the way, the needs of any powders, granulates or liquids are met through equipment such as fermenting tanks, yeast melters, sugar mills, sugar inverters, bread re-work dissolvers, brine production, flour cooling, bread and biscuits scrap re-work systems.

    At IBIE, you will be able to experience our technologies up-close in virtual reality, walking through a large sampling of bulk-handling installations and getting an intimate idea of the solutions we provide, the flow of materials and the flexibility of our configurations. We are also excited to launch our new logo and website, and share the essence of CEPI’s history that they are meant to convey: an evolution through continuity, weaving experience and invention together to drive at the heart of technology, where power and flexibility meet.

    CEPI is a family-run company with an international outlook that has centered research and adaptability since inception. Born from the encounter between an engineer’s vision and a manufacturer, it has grown into an idea factory that puts technology squarely at the center of our work, striving to develop specialized, diversified solutions to match the most disparate needs of materials and processes. Our holistic approach looks at the installation as our product rather than any of its parts, and extends to the breadth of services we provide, assisting at each stage of the project from product and process analysis, engineering and control, manufacture, logistics, installation, commissioning, service and project managment overseeing all workflow. Our projects are developed with a deep commitment to hygiene and safety and all our equipment is compliant with international standards including ATEX legislation, and manufactured in a channeled system. Silos are made completely without seams with advanced key-hole technique to reduce the risk of contamination to zero.

    Turnover in 2018 was 29 millions with a workforce of 130 people. We are active worldwide with a large network of partners in the five continents, and offices in Malaysia to coordinate our activities in the Asian market. CEPI brings to the table a global knowledge of materials, environments, and markets as well as the continued research that goes into developing around 300 unique systems every year. With the focus on customization that pervades all aspects of our work, we dedicate each project the level of individualized care it deserves.


  • Fermentation technology
    Fermenters, yeast melters and bread re-work dissolvers for liquid sponge, rye and wheat sourdough. Highly versatile systems that can stand-alone or be easily integrated in the production process, for a healthier product with optimized resources....

  • A good fermentation process is a must for bread and similar products such as pizza, leading to healthy, natural and aromatic products while optimizing resources and collapsing costs. Fermentation saves space, manpower, additives and yeast while fully preserving the characteristics of the raw materials, making the dough suppler and reducing if not removing the need to use improvers. Fermented bread smells and tastes better, is easier to digest and has a longer shelf life.

    CEPI’s fermentation technology is diversified, with multiple solutions such as fermenters, yeast melters and bread re-work dissolvers for liquid sponge, rye and wheat sourdough. With a deep knowledge of the materials involved and of all aspects of the process, we provide highly versatile systems that can stand-alone or be easily integrated in the production process.

    Temperature control and aeration keep ingredients vital both during preparation and while stored. Tanks are double jacketed or insulated, in several sizes, provided with integrated heating and cooling units as well as temperature and PH control. Agitator with wall and floor scraper, with adjusted speed to gently work raw materials into the tank, upstream mixing for a more homogeneous dough and quick water absorption, CIP washing, inclined extraction and easy to clean design.

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