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Bakery Design & Construction

Everybody likes to talk about the future.

But not everyone is building for it.






Planning for growth requires insight into the future. Our consulting services provide a roadmap for site selection, process improvement planning, facility renovation, expansion and new construction concepts.

  • Master planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site selection


Creating a bakery operation that is functional today and adaptable to the future requires foresight. Our engineers and architects design concepts, plans and specifications for building a bakery facility that will stand the test of time. Our wholesale bakery design and bakery engineering services include:

  • Mixing, forming, & packaging rooms
  • Refrigeration & chilling systems
  • Hygienic zone design
  • Processing & packaging equipment lines
  • Material handling systems
  • Wholesale bakery coolers & freezers


Building a food plant requires construction techniques that yield an environment safe for food today, as well as tomorrow. Our construction services utilize professional management oversight to transform sanitary designs into a hygienic facility. Our wholesale bakery construction services include:

  • Food facility design-build
  • Wholesale bakery construction
  • Food plant construction management
  • Bakery process equipment installation
  • Wholesale bakery design-build

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"Why You Need More" from Food Plant Engineering

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  • Stop by Food Plant Engineering, LLC booth #5133 to pick up a free copy of our white paper "Feeling the Pressure to Expand"

    Planning for an increase in production capacity elicits a multitude of questions:

    • Can I squeak more out of my facility before it’s time to expand?
    • Will an expansion improve efficiency or will it be hindered?
    • Does it make sense to expand or is it time to relocate?
    • Can expansion take place while maintaining daily operations?

    Learn how to address these questions with this handy guide.


  • Process Improvements
    Need to increase production? We can help you grow with production capacity studies, automation reviews and material/workflow analysis....

  • Production Capacity Studies:
    The production capacity of a food plant is based on a variety of interrelated factors. The basic steps in your process and the relationship between these steps affects the overall throughput of your operation. We can analyze the production capacity for each step in your operation to create a benchmark for both your existing and an expanded operation. 
    Automation Reviews:
    Automation of food production processes normally performed by people can benefit a bakery in different ways: reduced labor, higher throughput, higher quality, greater product consistency and improvement in food safety.  As with all choices, there are tradeoffs when weighing the level and complexity of the automation needed for your situation. We can benchmark your current process and provide recommendations on opportunities for automation in your operation. 
    Material/Workflow Analysis
    The design of food production facilities must balance the need for productive layouts with food safety considerations. Careful thought and planning are necessary to develop an efficient facility layout that helps reduce cross-contamination caused by food-borne pathogens, food allergens and people-and-product flow. 
    Food plants often grow haphazardly over time. This kind of growth creates long-term problems because it frequently adds inefficiencies. These inefficiencies can show up as extra time, rework, scrap or energy, and they should be removed from the production process. We can look for ways to streamline your production flow and reduce efforts that do not add directly to the value of the product.
  • Facility Upgrades
    Want to stay in your current facility, but are you unhappy with the conditions? We can provide you with solutions for ventilation problems, refrigeration issues, condensation concerns, food safety risks and many other issues....

  • Ventilation & Refrigeration Solutions:
    Air temperature control in a food facility is essential for employee comfort, productivity and the safety of food products. Ventilation systems can also create food quality, dust, and contamination issues if not properly designed. Refrigeration systems can cause headaches with temperature and humidity control if not specified properly. We know the air balance and refrigeration systems necessary to maintain an environment for the efficient and safe production of food.
    Condensation Control:
    Condensation will occur in improperly designed facilities and can cause food products to become adulterated. Problems often stem from improper vapor barriers in insulated panel construction, vapor pressure issues or infiltration/exfiltration between different types of rooms. We know how to avoid these pitfalls and prevent condensation from occurring. 
    Food Safety Upgrades:
    The current necessity for FDA, USDA, FSMA, HACCP, SQF and BRC requirements can create headaches for operators of older facilities. Our team can assess a facility’s infrastructure  and make recommendations on how to improve the hygienic conditions for the operation.
  • Expansion Options
    Trying to determine the best way to meet your growing production needs? Our feasibility studies will provide options for expanding, relocating or, if necessary, constructing a facility....

  • Expansion
    If your needs and available space align, a physical facility expansion may be the best way to accommodate growth. Our creative team works with you to explore the best ways to add space to your current operation with minimal disruptions to production.  
    Reconfiguring your current space and upgrading key aspects (such as flooring, lighting, etc.) can improve food safety, increase production and boost your company’s growth.  When carefully planned, the operation may be able to maintain food production during the renovation.
    New Location
    Our team can help you assess the options when a new production site is deemed necessary. Whether choosing the optimal greenfield site or examining a facility to retrofit, we can help simplify decisions by examining everything from capital costs to available labor and local permitting requirements. 
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