Erika Record Baking Equipment  

Clifton,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 2613

Brands: Backtechnik, Colbake, Deighton, Erika Record, JAC, Jannsen, Koenig (Remanufactured), KRUMBEIN, LP Group, MONO, Pomati, STM, Tagliavini, Tonelli, Varimixer, Winkler (Admiral Remanufacturing), ZMatik


IBIE 2016 - Baking Expo Recap - Erika Record Baking Equipment


  • Bread Production - Retail
    We offer a wide variety of bread production solutions for retail operations. This includes hand dividers, molders/moulders, and proofers....

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    We offer industry-leading bread production solutions for retail and emerging wholesale bakery operations. This includes our flagship Erika Record divider rounders, JAC hydraulic dividers, and French bread moulders, and Tagliavini proofers.

  • Bread Production - Wholesale & Industrial
    We offer a wide variety of bread production solutions for wholesale and industrial operations. This includes dividers, multi-row divider rounders (head machines), moulders, and intermediate proofing systems....

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    Complete Production Systems

    We offer industry-leading bread production solutions for both wholesale and industrial operations. This includes volumetric dividers, moulders, and intermediate proofers from Colbake, which can be used individually or together as part of an integrated system.

    Multi-Row, Continuous Divider Rounders

    We also offer multi-row, continuous divider rounder solutions that can address production needs from emerging wholesale, wholesale, and industrial operations. This includes the MONO | Gemini Roll Plant with 2 rows, our remanufactured Koenigs with 4 - 6 rows (pending availability), and our remanufactured Winkler Admirals with 6, 8, or 9 rows (pending availability). These head machines can be incorporated into an existing line!

  • Chocolate Tempering, Enrobing, One Shot Depositing
    We offer complete chocolate production solutions for both retail and wholesale production. This includes chocolate tempering units, enrobing options, one shot depositors, production lines and cooling tunnels....

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    Tempering & Enrobing

    We offer industry-leading chocolate production solutions from Pomati. This includes tempering and enrobing solutions for both retail and wholesale chocolate production. Our lineup ranges from countertop tempering units, traditional tempering machines, dual-purpose tempering and enrobing machine, to a complete tempering production line. 

    One Shot Depositors

    We are also proud to offer one of the fastest one shot depositing machines within the industry with our OSD One Shot Depositor Series. We have three trim levels designed to suit your production needs.

  • Confectionery Depositors - Tabletop & Floor
    We are proud to be an exclusive distributor of MONO confectionery depositors. Perfect for making eclairs, French Macarons, heart-shaped macarons, nests, build-ups, and so much more!...

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    We offer industry-leading confectionery depositing solutions from MONO. This includes their Epsilon tabletop depositor as well as the Omega Series, a highly customizable solution with configurations available for rotary, soft doughs, hard doughs, and available wire-cut. Discover why MONO is one of the top-selling depositors in the world! 

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