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Agriflex has been leader worldwide for over forty years in the concept & design, manufacture and installation of systems for the storage, conveying, dosing, automation of raw materials (micro and macro, powder, liquid and granules) for the food industry (bakery, confectionery, snacks, etc).

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  • Flour Cooling System
    A patented innovative system that can lower flour temperature by even 20° C and keep it constant.

  • Description and strong points:

    Dough temperature control is a key factor in obtaining constant and ideal quality in the production of bakery. In fact, the cooling process of the flours allows the slowing down of the dough rising and adequately adjusting it to the times of each production line.

    One of the most commonly popular method is the lowering the dough temperature by adding ice; some cool the dough by mixing liquid nitrogen; others mix the flours using lamellar flows of cold air; some others use the screw heat­ exchangers method. These methods represent empirical approach, expensive and impractical methods, poorly efficient solutions, increasing both plant running and operating costs due to the difficult cleaning and maintenance process.

    Fields of application

    For the food Industry in particular applied to the baked products

    Technical information

    The Agriflex solution offers several, significant advantages:

    • high energy efficiency thanks to the direct exchange and consequently reduced operating costs;
    • high effectiveness thanks to the considerable temperature reduction;
    • complete system automation that, thanks to the reduced thermal inertia and the absence of accumulations, ensures the correct temperature of the dough, compensating the temperature variations of the other components and ambient temperature;
    • ease of maintenance since all areas can be easily cleaned. 

  • Fermentation
    Industrial systems and standalone machines for the production of natural liquid yeast, suitable for many types of flours and starters....

  • For many years Agriflex S.r.l. has been designing, manufacturing and installing industrial systems and standalone machines for the production of natural liquid yeast, suitable for many types of flours and starters.

    It is an integrated solution that provides mechanical and thermal energy for preparing natural liquid yeast – from dissolution to maturation and maintenance. It guarantees consistent quality standards and constant characteristics, by controlling and managing from the operator panel and PLC, the chemical-physical parameters that influence the process, such as maturing temperature, acidity level and cooling.


    • Repeatable production process and constant quality of finished product
    • Reduction in working surface areas and equipment, such as “baskets” and starter slowing cells
    • Reduction in the labour force
    • No specialist labour required as the process is highly automated

    Qualitative advantages of natural liquid yeast

    • Reduction and possible elimination of brewer’s yeast and adjuvant additives
    • Relaxing effect on the dough, making it more stretchy, softer and with improved shelf-life
    • More regular crumb structure and thinner crust
    • Better resistance to moulds and stringy bacteria
    • Improved characteristic flavours and fragrances
    • Improved nutritional value of the finished product due to the prolonged action of bacteria and yeasts
    • Reduction of the phytic acid present in wholemeal bread
    • Reduction of brewer’s yeast intolerance effects
    • Consistency of results (reliable production quality)
  • Micro ingredients
    Set of units designed for storing, weighing and dosing micro ingredients in manual, automatic or semiautomatic mode....

  • Agriflex micro dosing stations are designed and manufactured according to the customer’s requirements. They are particularly ideal for use in the biscuit, bread and confectionery industries and for food products in general.

    Micro ingredients are usually managed in three steps: loading into the container, dosing and conveying to the point of use of the ingredients that are added to the main ingredients of a dough or mixture. The aforesaid steps can be fully automated, manual or both. Depending on the production process, Agriflex can provide the best and most efficient tailor-made solution. The micro dosing station can consist of different containers, each having internal mechanical parts suitable for the characteristics of the ingredients. The quantity of micro ingredients to be added may vary from dozens of grams to several kilograms.


    • Use of non-specialist labour
    • Accurate dosing of products when preparing the recipes and consequent reduction of raw material waste
    • Perfect incorporation into the main system
    • High automation that guarantees quick dosing, lower management costs, accurate traceability and reduction in human errors.
  • Automation
    Automatic command and control system consisting of hardware (PLC or PC-PLC) and dedicated software with proven reliability....

  • Agriflex industrial plants are equipped with automatic command and control system.

    These systems consist of hardware (PLC or PC-PLC) and specific software with proven reliability, even in difficult environments and heavy-duty conditions of use.


    • Control of an infinite number of production cycles
    • Possibility to manage stocks
    • Traceability of production batches
    • Reliability and repeatability of the entire production process
    • Interfaces featuring simple graphics and clear and unequivocal controls.
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