• Intralox will launch its latest innovation for the baking industry at IBIE 2022: the Active Integrated Motion (AIM) Glide™. AIM Glide is a gentle, hygienic automation solution that eliminates unscheduled downtime and jams while requiring 75% less maintenance and 50% less cleaning time than metal slat switches. ... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Sep 02, 2022, by Habasit (#5319)

    Reliable positioning and high grip for tight transfer applications To ensure reliable product positioning and limit slippage on the belt surface, the HabasitLINK Micropitch M0870 for tight transfers has a high grip surface on the conveying side. The belt accommodates small knife edges with diameters 6 mm,... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Sep 02, 2022, by Habasit (#5319)

    An abrasion resistant, high-grip fabric belt. FAS-8E is part of the Habasit general-purpose, food processing belt product line. This polyurethane based product line supports processes in the manufacture of bread and snack foods, fruits & vegetables, as well as meat & poultry. In addition to the well... Learn More

  • Habasit’s smart Saniclip plug system compliments our closed-hinge mechanical lace joining method to reduce maintenance costs and improve hygiene and reliability. Habasit Cleandrive aramid reinforced monolithic TPU conveyor belts have been recognized for their safe and hygienic food processing performance for many years. Habasit Cleandrive is... Learn More

  • In keeping with Habasit’s focus on creating sustainable, high-performance, and value belting solutions, we’re pleased to introduce these new and improved TPU food belts. The improved design and materials of theFMB-5EMCT-W2 and FMB-5EMWT-W2 features greater longitudinal flexibility, excellent layer adhesion, expanded operating temperature... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Sep 02, 2022, by Habasit (#5319)

    Introducing the Habaclip Sidewall Joining Clip, a new accessory available for Habasit Cleandrive belts with sidewalls. Cleandrive belts are frequently used with sidewalls that maintain products on the belt surface. This benefit of sidewalls is absent at the mechanical splice location, where the sidewalls from each end... Learn More

  • Belt scrapers are essential on food processing lines for removing product residue from belt surfaces and maintaining hygienic conditions. But since scraper bars are frequently made of metal and hard plastic, they can damage the belt surface on contact, leading to cracks and scratches that are potential breeding grounds for... Learn More

  • Two new modular belt solutions from Habasit bring new possibilities for industrial packaging applications, especially in applications where space is at a premium. The HabasitLINK M2592 raised deck radius belt saves up to 5 times the space needed for a traditional radius conveyor. The HabasitLINK M0870 HighGrip Micropitch delivers 50... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Aug 29, 2022, by Cepi Spa (#2017)

    Cepi has opened the doors to our new home. After the exceptional growth in the past decade, we have built a new facility that tripled our productive area to a total of 15.000 m2, with a 13.000 m2 factory space... Learn More

  • 3 in 1: weighing, filtering and blending in a single unit. 3 in 1 station weighs the ingredient, separates air from product during pneumatic transport and the vertical blender for the production of premix ensures the highest flexibility across a wide range of food sectors.  ... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Aug 29, 2022, by Cepi Spa (#2017)

    Cepi designs, manufactures and commissions bulk-handling systems for the storage, conveying and metering of raw materials, as well as fully integrated automation and technologies to complete all production processes. A family-run company with an international outlook, CEPI is based in Italy and operates globally, with offices in Malaysia... Learn More

  • For Immediate Release                                                            Company Contact                                                                                 Agency Contact Kathleen Callahan                                                                                   Claire Chick Regal Rexnord                                                                                        O’Keeffe PR (414) 345-0268                                                                                        (937) 287-2866 Kathleen.callahan@regalrexnord.com                                                   claire@okeeffepr.com   ... Learn More

  • BREVETTI GASPARIN S.R.L.  has been present in Italian and international market for over 60 years distinguishing as a dynamic company with continuous growing,  being successfully so leader in the production of innovative and reliable systems for the slicing and packaging of oven baked products and next closing  with clipband system of... Learn More

  • Exact Mixing, the leading supplier of innovative continuous mixing solutions, has been awarded patent protection for their Hydrobond Technology® by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).   Originally unveiled in 2017, Hydrobond Technology delivers instant, even hydration of a dry ingredient stream... Learn More

  • Checkweigher scales have been used by companies in a number of different industries, including industrial, chemical engineering and the food industry, and have been beneficial for those companies. Here are five benefits of using a Checkweigh Scale. 1. Enhances Accuracy and Reduces Product Giveaway  ... Learn More

  • Joanie Spencer, Editor in Chief Tech at Commercial Baking, hosts this TechTalk with Doran CEO, Mark Podl. This engaging interview explores how Doran’s formula controls, bulk indicators and software suites can improve production accuracy and efficiency, and set a bakery up for success. Link for the YouTube... Learn More

  • RICHMOND, VIRGINIA – January 5, 2022 – AMF Bakery Systems, the global leader in complete, integrated system solutions, announces today the acquisition of Workhorse Automation, Inc. of Kirkwood, Pennsylvania. The acquisition will bring together the two US-based industry leaders for the automation of pan, basket, and product handling. The combined portfolio... Learn More

  • Richmond, Virginia – April 8, 2022 – AMF Bakery Systems (AMF), industry-leading manufacturer of high-speed automated food processing solutions, introduces a unified family of brands heightening the Company’s promise to deliver best-in-class unit equipment. Backed by focused leadership, each with a dedicated team of engineers, the new brand architecture reflects AMF’s... Learn More

  • Our new Donut depositor injects filling into the donuts. It also has the option for deposit icing on top of the products! The Donut Depositor and Injector takes a full flow of product directly from a continuous oven band, orienting individual donuts with oscillating guides, indexing them,... Learn More

  • We offer several types of deposit manifolds, specifically designed for a wide range of applications. Our single mechanical extrusion for one filling, is a simple mechanical manifold that will deposit spots or strips on the products. We control the strip via the deposit profile of the platform in which the manifold is... Learn More

  • Benefits of our Systems – Why MB&D? We are proud to be a one-stop corporation, providing both in-house engineering and manufacturing from our headquarters facility in North Carolina. This translates in a quick turnaround for our customers. We have expertise in filling... Learn More