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As a fully integrated service provider, Gray is deeply rooted in engineering, design, construction, smart manufacturing, and equipment manufacturing services. With customers such as Amazon.comT. Marzetti, and Costco Wholesale Corporation, we understand the complexities of the foodservice distribution market.  


With more than 300 distribution facilities completed, we know that our ability to execute rapidly is the critical factor that unlocks your speed to market. This is why customers rely on us to quickly deliver safe, highly mechanized facilities that enable them to adopt new technologies, adapt to new realities, and capitalize on market opportunities such as the rapid growth of cold storage and cold-chain logistics.  


Our integration experience includes robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), laser scanning, RFID, and sophisticated automated retrieval and sortation (AS/RS) systems to maximize every square foot. We can deliver a holistic solution with our in-house expertise or partner with your design firm and integrators.  


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