BFC Software

Batavia,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 202

BFC Software is the only stand alone Warehouse Management System designed specifically for Food Distribution. Our modular suite begins with Production (multiple raw materials into multiple finished goods). Our Inbound Module receives finished goods, captures and manages all pertinent data and directs staging and putaway. Our replenishment process considers average sales, actual demand and just in time right before and during the pick. Our Outbound process features the truly unique TruckBuilder(r)Prime which builds the truck and directs, by route, a custom pick path and pick methodology. Once we have picked and loaded the truck, TraxPrime, our scan off the truck system will insure delivery accuracy. Complete Traceability from Raw Material through Customer Delivery.

What's New at BFC:

DockVue - Connect the docks by easing communication between purchasing & transportation depts., carriers and vendors with this Inbound Scheduling & Dock Management Solution.

FoodCarte - Stand-alone, fully mobile E-Commerce Solution designed to enable distributors to provide a digital sales tool for existing customers and acquire new customers through digital marketing.


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