Detec Systems LLC

Bellingham,  WA 
United States
  • Booth: 637

Detec Systems is the leader in innovation in the field of Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) for the roofing and waterproofing industry.  Detec's patented products are included in the ASTM standard guide D7877 and are the basis for ASTM standard practice D8231. 

The IntegriScan scanning platform is the most advanced and accurate ELD testing method available and is the superior choice for low voltage testing.  It is the only testing method capable of testing conductive membranes, including black EPDM.  Detec's roller apparatus (Vertical Scanning Unit, aka VSU) is the only reliable low voltage testing method for vertical applications.  This unit may also be used in horizontal applications.  

Detec's TruGround is a game changer.  This conductive primer enables valid ELD testing in conventional assemblies.  It is UL listed, FM approved and membrane manufacturer preferred. 

Lastly, Detec's PermaScan provides accurate and continuous monitoring for projects where hidden moisture intrusion is a concern. 

Brands: IntegriScan, TruGround, PermaScan, Scanning Platform, Conductive Primer, Low Voltage ELD, Electronic Leak Detection, Electronic Breach Detection