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  The Laurenco System is built around a cold applied, reinforced polymer modified asphaltic sheet, manufactured in the United States.  These systems provide the best track record in the industry.  Installations are still performing today that date back to 1957 and 1955. Laurenco Waterproofing, over 60 years of waterproofing excellence.

  • Laurenco Waterproofing is a 2-part inter-reactive system comprised of a reinforced, woven glass membrane and VOC compliant polymer modified asphaltic adhesive.
  • This membrane system, when properly installed, exhibits the self-healing properties similar to the coal-tar-pitch systems of the past but without the associated hazzards.
  • Laurenco Waterproofing is cold applied, has no temperature limitations, is green concrete tolerant (2-3 day applicaiton after casting of concrete), has low odor, no specialized equipment required to application and is capable of withstanding most jobsite contaminents.
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Brands: Laurenco Waterproofing Systems (Roofing & Waterproofing) Laurenco PMMA H System, Laurenco PMMA Flashing Resin Repelz MVS Repelz WMVS