Ramina S.R.L.  

Grantorto PD, 
  • Booth: 3206

The leading Italian manufacturer of Spunmelt lines

Ramina is the leading Italian manufacturer of nonwoven turn-key plants and machines specialized in Spunbond, Meltblown and Composites lines. Ramina’s lines production range includes also Airlaying lines, Thermobonding lines, Needling lines & Geocomposite Lamination lines. 
Ramina’s complete plants find application in different areas: from hygiene products to the medical and filtration sector, from the building sector to agriculture, from geotextiles to automotive and many more. 
The production ranges from the raw material preparation to the end-of-line, including: spinning units, web-forming units, thermobonding calenders, kiss-roll applicators, padders, drum dryers, winders, slitter re-winders and packaging systems.

Brands: Leonardo 1.0 Spunbond, Meltblown and Composites lines In a world where it's important to find a balance among production costs and high quality final products, Leonardo 1.0 offers the perfect solution


  • Leonardo 1.0 Spunbond, Meltblown & Composite Lines
    The expertise used to create Leonardo 1.0 leads the
    way for the future development of the technology
    in spunbond, meltblown and composite lines....

  • Production capacity Spunbond: Max. 200 Kg/h/m

    Production capacity Meltblown: Max. 50 Kg/h/m

    Basic weight : 8 - 150 gsm

    Production speed: Max. 1.000 m/min

    Raw material: PP, PE, PA, PBT, PET, PLA

    Leonardo 1.0 lines help you create products
    for different industries. Spunbonded fabrics
    are characterized by a high mechanical strength
    and resistance, which make them the optimal
    solution for the manufacturing of products for
    hygiene, medical, packaging and agriculture
    industries. Meltblown fabrics reproduce the
    perfect barrier and filtration effect, and find their
    application in the production of sanitary products
    and absorbent coatings or filters.

    Thanks to Leonardo 1.0 it is possible and easy
    to combine the two production technologies
    in a composite line to achieve countless

    Leonardo 1.0 key features:

    ∙ Reduce down-times by patented system
    ∙ Perfect air distribution homogeneity
    ∙ Low product scrape
    ∙ Very fast time for weight and color changing

  • Spunbond Roofing and Geotextile lines
    Coarse fiber spunbond lines for production of roofing and geotextile from PET post-consumption flake and virgin polymer


  • Spunbond Roofing and Geotextile lines starting from 100% PET polymer or flakes from recycled bottles used for the production of needlepunched fabrics for geotextile and impregnated fabrics for roofing.
    Geotextiles are used in road, railway, airport, landfill constructions and civil
    engineering works. Roofing is used for roof coverings, underflooring, plumbing,
    and supports for roofing bituminous membranes.

    The Spunbond Roofing line by Ramina uses an innovative technology that allows a lower energy
    consumption resulting in cost saving. In addition, the line is specifically designed to guarantee an
    easy accessibility for cleaning and extended line uptimes. 

    With the Spunbond Roofing line by Ramina it is possible to add fiberglass wires in the impregnated fabric
    for roofing reaching a higher tensile strength and longitudinal resistance.