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BMT Fibers is an American merchant of synthetic staple fibers, natural & biodegradable fibers, GRS Certified fibers, and advanced nano-engineered particle filtration media.  In business for over 100 years since 1922 with warehousing nationwide servicing the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America. Key markets include all fiberfill, carding, needlepunched & air laid trades including Decorative Pillows & Cushions, Sleeping Pillows / Duvets / Comforters / All Top-Of-The-Bed, Upholstered Furniture / Sofas / Love Seats / Chairs / Motion Furniture, Pet Beds / Plush Toys & Novelty as well as Geotextile / Filtration / Automotive / Rugs & Floor Mats and a range of advanced functional fibers.  Offering total supply chain management, logistics & financing with offices worldwide. Let's team up and win together. // //

Brands: BMT Fibers, BMT BioFibers, BMT SoundGuard, BMT EcoLofte, NanoScreen® Filtration Technology, AllergyGuard® Pollen Blocking Screen, VirusGuard® PPE Washable Filtration Fabrics

 Press Releases

  • Performance Fibers for Fiberfill and Carding

    A leading American distributor of polyester staple fiber in bales.
    In business since 1922 with warehousing nationwide.
    Serving clients across all fiberfill, carding & air laid trades including:

    • Decorative Pillows & Cushions
    • Sleeping Pillows / Duvets / Comforters / All Top-Of-The-Bed
    • Upholstered Furniture / Sofas / Love Seats / Chairs / Motion
    • Pet Beds / Plush Toys / Novelty
    • Needlepunched Nonwovens / Geotextile / Filtration
    • Automotive / Rugs / Floor Mats

    BMT Fibers Delivers

    100 Years of History & Experience

    Advanced Fiber Solutions to Reduce Unit Costs

    Total Supply Chain Management / Logistics / Financing 

    EcoLofte Brown Fibers
    Super-High Yield Conjugate With Total Static Control

    GRS-Certified Supply Chain Recycled Fibers

    Advanced Acoustic Sound Insulation Fibers

    Bio-Degradable Fiber Solutions 

    Technical Support & Machinery Advisory Services

    The Right Fibers To Produce Amazing Products

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    Please visit the BMT Fibers website to discover how our team of
    industry veterans can support your operations.

    950 Third Avenue, 10th Floor
    New York, NY 10022-2774
    Telephone: 212-302-4200
    Fax: 212-302-0007
    Since 1922

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  • Introducing AllergyGuard®
    Agricultural Pollen Blocking Screen

    For Superior Pollen Management in free air flow greenhouse & indoor growing operations, there is no substitute for genuine AllergyGuard® Pollen Blocking Screen.

    AllergyGuard® is the most advanced pollen-blocking industrial pollen management screen in the world for windows, doors, grow structures, and free air flow ventilation ducts. 


    • Blocks foreign pollen from contaminating target growth.
    • Laboratory-tested to block 99% of airborne pollen / Blocks rain.
    • Ideal for greenhouse & indoor agricultural growing facilities and freestanding screen grow buildings.
    • Blocks a broad range of dust, agricultural dust, and other unwanted airborne particles from entering protected grow spaces.
    • Packed on commercial rolls of 47” and 59” width x 164 feet, looks like typical window screen, and is cut & mounted in the same way as ordinary open mesh insect screen.
    • The ONLY high-tech pollen blocking filtration screen that blocks 99% of pollen. Other "Pollen Screen" products tend to be tighter mesh insect screen that is not effective against pollen.
    • Engineered by BMT Fibers, a 100-year-old American company specializing in a broad range of technical fibers and nano-engineered functional filtration screen products.

    Ideal for the following specialized agricultural market segments:

    Greenhouse & Indoor Growing
    Cannabis & Hemp Cultivation
    Specialty Horticulture
    Exotic Floriculture
    Boutique & Ornamental Agronomy
    Pollen Shed Management
    Pollen Isolation Zones
    Passive Architecture Greenhouse Designs

    AllergyGuard® Agricultural Screen empowers indoor growers with natural ventilation to allow air flow while defending growth purity, delivering energy savings, & supporting our environment.

    AllergyGuard® is a high-tech performance screen product that delivers 99% effective pollen blocking power.

    Please scroll down, and let’s explore together how AllergyGuard® can defend the purity of your cultivation.

    We invite you to visit us at our website to explore AllergyGuard®, watch the video & review the downloadable color brochure. All of these tools are designed to support our nationwide network of distribution partners.

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    NanoScreen® Filtration Technology Delivers:

    • High Strength 3-Layer Construction
    • 4x Stronger than Metal Window Screen
    • Patented NanoScreen® Pollen Filtration Technology
    • High Porosity 80-85%
    • Ultra-thin / Light-weight
    • High Corrosion Resistance
    • Blocks 95% of Natural Rainwater
    • Functional, See-Through Visibility

    For more information please click below or visit us at

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    950 Third Avenue, 10th Floor
    New York, NY 10022-2774
    Telephone: 212-302-4200
    Fax: 212-302-0007
    Since 1922

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    AllergyGuard® and NanoScreen® are registered trademarks of BMT.