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AUTEFA Solutions Nonwovens Technology delivers turn-key nonwovens lines and machines for carded- crosslapped needlepunching lines, spunlace lines and thermobonding lines. Besides the complete equipment, AUTEFA Solutions scope of supply comprises comprehensive engineering services, including start-up and production support. In the premium nonwovens segment AUTEFA Solutions is renowned for quality, durability and performance of its forming and bonding technologies, incorporating the brands AUTEFA, Fehrer, FOR and Strahm. AUTEFA Solutions Baling Technology is a global market leader for automatic bale presses and packing systems for staple fiber and tow. AUTEFA Solutions offers the entire range from fiber transport to the baling press, as well as bale transport and storage of the finally pressed, wrapped and strapped bales in bale warehouses. 

Brands: AUTEFA Solutions is renowned for quality, durability and performance of its nonwovens and baling technologies, incorporating the brands AUTEFA, Fehrer, FOR and Strahm.

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  • The Nonwovens Industry is looking forward to a celebration of both technical and commercial progress at the upcoming IDEA show in Miami Beach, USA. Last year, for some applications, markets have skyrocketed worldwide. And AUTEFA Solutions is ready to cater for this “huge demand explosion” with its latest systems to be presented at the event. The Spunlace sector is still challenging for product manufacturers. AUTEFA Solutions offers complete lines for the production of direct and crosslapped spunlace products. The web forming process, consisting of the Injection Card and Crosslapper Topliner CL 4006 CL, is the key for high and consistent nonwoven fabric quality. AUTEFA Solutions advanced Spunlace technology with Hydroentanglement Machine V- Jet Futura and Square Drum Dryer SQV offers a quick return on investments. Says AUTEFA Solutions CMO Marco Fano: “We notice a trend in reducing of web weights. Customers want a homogenous product and high production throughputs. Our unique web-forming technology ideally meets our customers’ needs at this time, and we see the upward trend in order intake being sustained in future, particularly in combined card and crosslapper solutions. Our advanced spunlace manufacturing systems are able to deliver high standards of quality and performance, with the all-important advantage of rapid investment payback.”
    AUTEFA Solutions will showcase its full range of future-proofed nonwovens machinery, covering needlepunch lines, aerodynamic web forming, spunlace and thermobonding equipment. Application sectors range from hygiene and wipes through filtration, geotextiles, automotive, carpets, technical felts, wadding and insulation.
    In the premium nonwovens segment, AUTEFA Solutions is renowned for the quality, durability and performance of its technology for both forming and bonding processes, incorporating the expertise of world-leading group brands such as Fehrer, FOR and Strahm.
    Booth No #4612


  • AUTEFA Solutions energy efficient Spunlace lines
    With the Hydroentanglement Machine V-Jet FUTURA and the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V, AUTEFA Solutions has developed an advanced and unique technology with special focus on reducing energy consumption....

  • The main challenge in high-speed webforming lines for Spunlace is to keep fibers at any time and process stage under control. AUTEFA Solutions Injection card enables (Drylaid) web forming at very high production. The Injection Card uses a combination of mechanical and aerodynamic principle for a gentle fibre treatment.  With the Topliner CL4006 SL AUTEFA Solutions offers a crosslapper with special features for the Spunlace application. Highest layering speeds and precise weight distribution are possible thanks to the integrated drafting unit, compensation belt, antistatic equipment and new designed transport aprons. The Hydroentanglement Machine V-Jet FUTURA and the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V, stand for an advanced technology. This new technology offers a significant reduction of energy consumption compared to any state-of- the-art line.  AUTEFA Solutions Square Drum Dryer SQ-V combines the advantage of a horizontal belt dryer and the better drying efficiency with the space advantage of a drum dryer, resulting in increased drying length with small footprint.

  • AUTEFA Solutions advanced Airlay lines
    The aerodynamic web forming process with AUTEFA Solutions Airlay K 12 card stands for an improved MD:CD ratio and a three-dimensional web structure....

  • AUTEFA Solutions Airlay random card K 12, in combination with Stylus Needle Loom or HiPerTherm Oven, meet all customer requirements for maximum productivity and constant high quality. Suitable for all kinds of bonding processes such as thermal-, chemical- or needle-bonding. Airlay line solutions distinguish itself through maximum product quality, economical production and reliability. With worldwide over 500 systems sold, customers taking advantage of the long-standing experience in carding and card feeding technology of F.O.R. and the worldwide acknowledged know-how in aerodynamic web forming of Fehrer K 12. In the construction, residential and automotive market, efficient thermal and acoustic insulation materials are key factors that contribute to energy saving and to the reduction of natural resources consumption. The increased opening capabilities distinguish itself for a wide variety of different fibers. The process offers the special advantages when it comes to lighter weights and high loft fabrics. The FUTURA design enables easy opening and quick access for cleaning and maintenance. The various line components are mounted on a linear guiding system. Due to the modular structure of the individual components, it allows a modular configuration of the machine, tailored to customer requirements. Completed with Needle Punching Machines Stylus and Thermobonding Oven HiPerTherm, AUTEFA Solutions provides aerodynamic web forming lines out of one hand.