Gelok International Corp.  

Dunbridge,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 2325

Manufacturing superabsorbent cores, airlaids and materials.

For 30+ years, Gelok International has been a premier manufacturer of ultra-thin, superabsorbent cores,  airlaids and materials. Consisting of superabsorbent polymer granules bonded between sheets of cellulose or nonwoven material, Gelok absorbs many times its weight to “lok” aqueous fluid into a gel and prevent leakage. Gelok is used directly as an absorbing substrate or incorporated into a variety of finished products to absorb water, blood, exudate, urine and other fluids. Gelok offers solutions for a range of markets and applications, including wound care, personal care, incontinence care, biohazard protective packaging, water absorber filters, hazardous materials transport and cleanup, industrial uses, or any number of custom applications that require an absorbent core.

Brands: Gelok offers premium absorption performance for a variety of applications, such as wound care, personal care, hazardous materials transport and cleanup, water absorber filters and industrial uses.


  • Gelok Absorbent Wound Care Cores
    A range of ultra-thin, superabsorbent cores for dressings used to treat high-exudate wounds typically found with diabetic foot ulcers, arterial ulcers, venous ulcers, post-operative situations, and compression bandages....

  • New from Gelok: A range of ultra-thin, absorbent cores with excellent wicking characteristics. These new cellulose/SAP-based cores can be customized to absorb up to 10,000 g per SQM of exudate, which gives the dressing manufacturer the ability to target specific wound conditions such as high-exudate or extended-wear dressings. The excellent wicking properties make the cores ideal for compression dressings, ensuring the exudate is wicked away from the wound throughout the core and fully utilizes the absorbent capacity of the dressing.

  • Gelok Absorbents for Medical Packaging & Custom Ki
    A range of ultra-thin, superabsorbent media for protective medical packaging. Designed with high fluid absorption for safe handling and transport of biohazard materials, including infectious blood, urine, bodily fluids and other hazardous aqueous fluids....

  • Custom absorbent solutions from Gelok: A range of ultra-thin superabsorbent laminates with exceptional absorbent capacity, ideal for use in biohazard materials safe handling and transport. Gelok locks hazardous fluids into a gel to prevent infectious substance exposure and reduce compliance risk. The absorbent media can be designed to absorb just a few milliliters, or tailored for heavy-duty for higher-volume, more challenging needs (>1,000 g per square foot). Gelok can be converted to small strips, larger pads or specialty configurations. With customized absorbency levels for specific fluid volumes and application sizes, Gelok is the ideal absorbent solution for medical/biohazard protective packaging and custom kitting.