Lark Industries  

Gyeongsangbuk-do,  Gimcheon-si, 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: 3425

Welcome to Lark Industry. Come and visit us at booth 3425

[Product line]

-Tape(Fastening Tape, Frontal tape, Closing Tape)

-Hook(Plastic Hook, Carrier Sheet)

-Loop(Knit Loop, Non woven Loop)

-Hook Tape(Insert Hook, Y-Bond Hook, Starch Hook)

-Label(General Label, Tire label, Features Label)

-Protection film(Floor protection glue film, Wire Packaging)

-Hot-melt coating materials(Muscle Tape, Hot-melt coating for heat mats)

-SPB N/W(Landing zone, Hook base, Back sheet)

-SPB felts

-M/B filters

-Earring rubber bands

-N/W type ventilating and non-ventilating fabrics

-Ventilating film passive fabric

Brands: Lark Industries is a South Korean company supplying materials needed for making diapers, masks, protective clothing & films and labels.


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 Press Releases

  • Based on various patented technologies, it is exported to countries around the world.
    The Ministry of SMEs and Startups selects global small and medium-sized enterprises, and Gimcheon-si's top local company.

    Thanks to the various patent technologies of Lac Industries Co., Ltd., it exported not only to Korea but also to the United States, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, winning the 42nd million dollar export tower in 2005, 10 million dollars in 2010, and was selected as a small export company in 2012. In recognition of these achievements, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups selected Lock Industries Co., Ltd. as a global small and medium-sized company in 2019, Gimcheon City selected it as the company of the month in June, and then Gimcheon City's "My Top Company" in 2020.

    "When I first entered the Japanese market, I went to Japan with our products and informed Japanese businessmen of the excellence of our products. It seems that he has been engaged in the activity for almost 15 years with only one product's excellence. It took a lot of patience, but as time went by, it was rumored that our products were good in the Japanese market. And the stability of the quality was recognized by paying close attention to quality control and after-sales service. When a contractor receives a request, it takes less than a month to complete and provide the development, which was a decisive opportunity to establish itself as a company that helps customers."

    In addition, Lac Industries Co., Ltd. goes to exhibitions every year to develop quality and shows the quality of its products and understands the trend of the diaper market. In the case of diapers, the strength according to the body shape is important, but the product is being developed by considering the strength suitable for each country. In addition, in the case of baby diapers, it was developed as a material considering the sound when fastening because the baby wakes up when the baby makes a sound in the process of taking off the diaper to check whether the baby pees when sleeping.

  • Added new product line: New product line related to Covid-19
    In the field of masks, it produces SPB nonwoven fabrics for the outer and inner lining, handles M/B filters and earring rubber bands together, and protective clothing fabrics produce fabric types of ventilation films that meet the air permeability and non-ventilation N/W standards of Europe and Japan. Industrial materials include floor protection films that can protect the floor from external contamination during construction work such as wooden buildings, eco-friendly hot melt coating films, nonwoven fabrics, paper, and fabrics.
  • Increasing export countries and expanding overseas networks.

    Currently, major exporting countries include Southeast Asia and Turkey in addition to the United States and Japan. It already has export customers in Europe, Indonesia, South Africa, and Australia. In response, CEO Kim Jong-yeop said, "There are currently two offices in China. As a long-term goal, we want to expand our overseas subsidiaries and establish factories to accelerate our entry into the global market. New items should be continuously developed to pioneer new markets and increase sales. In the short term, we will introduce an additional facility system for internal quality control in the company to secure stable quality, and secure technological superiority and price competitiveness at the same time by applying the item market under development."

  • Interview: Focus on the production of eco-friendly nonwoven fabric products!

    "The most controversial issue is the eco-friendly part. In the diaper part, it is most important that biodegradation is well performed in nature, and the part where you can breathe with the skin is important. There is a limit to producing natural materials only in nature. These days, the point is how to artificially describe naturalization due to the development of technology. Such development is too expensive for a company to do. There are many procedures such as clinical trials and consumer preference surveys. I have developed and invested in technology to the extent I can, but collaboration with large companies is inevitable in the material sector. In order to develop products that can contribute to society with eco-friendly materials, we want to contribute greatly to the development of related industries through the development of eco-friendly diaper materials by working together with the same companies."

  • In an aging society with a low birth rate, the number of newborns continues to decline. Looking at the infant population last year, there were about 970,000 people under the age of 3, down 22.6% from the 2017 figure. The diaper market, a necessity for newborns and infants under the age of 3, is steadily increasing, not proportional to the decreasing number of infants. The first reason is that the demand for elderly diapers increases significantly due to the transition to an aging society. Adults generally go to the bathroom about six times a day on average. Therefore, the elderly who need diapers consume six adult diapers a day. The United Nations predicts that China's aging population will reach 300 million by 2025, accounting for 21% of the total population. Looking at the figures, the British Financial Times predicted, "By then, sales of adult diapers will exceed sales of infants." In addition, the size of the premium diaper market is also expected to rise steadily as major consumers have a positive perception of premium consumption, increasing the trend of purchasing reliable company products even if they are expensive. As the number of single-child families increases, the mind to do better for the only child has also brightened the outlook for the premium market. In this environment, LC Industries Co., Ltd., which has many customers at home and abroad by producing high-quality premium sanitary diaper materials, is drawing attention.


  • Frontal Tape_Knit Loop
    Knit Loop...

  • Material : PET laminated with Film.

    Width : Depend on Customer's Requirement

    Roll Length : 970M or 1950M

  • Fastening Tape_ Y-Bond Hook Tape
    Y-Bond Hook Tape...

  • Material : Plastic Hook and Film with the Nonwoven

    Width : Depend on Customer's Requirement

    Roll Length : 300M

  • Fastening Tape_Insert Hook Tape
    Fastening Tape...

  • Material : Plastic Hook with the Nonwoven

    Width : Depend on Customer's Requirement

    Roll Length : 500M or 1500M

  • SPB Non-woven_Back Sheet
    Back Sheet...

  • Back Sheet

    Material :SPB Nonwoven (Hydrophobic)

    Width :Depend on Customer's Requirement

    Roll Length :Depend on Customer's Requirement

  • SPB Non-woven_protective clothing fabric
    protective clothing fabric...

  • N/W Type: Ventilation film + SPB
    non-ventilating film+SPB
    Fabric Type: Vent film + mesh fabric
    ※ European Standard (CE) Category III, Type 5&6, Japanese Kaken standard is satisfied.
    Material : SPB Nonwoven(Hydrophobic)
    Width : Depend on Customer's Requirement
    Roll Length : Depend on Customer's Requirement