EMS-GRILTECH Americas, A Unit Of EMS-CHEMIE (North America) Inc.  

Sumter,  SC 
United States
  • Booth: 1232


  • GRILTEX Thermoplastic Adhesives
    GRILTEX Copolyester and Copolyamide hot melt adhesives for bonding, coating and laminating different substrates....

  • GRILTEX Copolyester and Copolyamide polymers are thermoplastic hot melt adhesives for use in varied technical and textile applications.

    • For bonding, coating and laminating a wide range of substrates
    • With nonwovens, apparel textiles and non-textile surfaces
    • In the fields of transportation, construction, electronics, packaging, medical diagnostics, composites and fashion.

    EMS-GRILTECH is represented worldwide by its own sales companies, local representatives and distributors. Its headquarters with research, development and production is located at Domat/Ems, Switzerland. In addition we have state-of-the-art customer service laboratories, application development centers and production facilities in Germany, the USA, China, Taiwan and Japan.

  • GRILON & NEXYLON Technical Fibers
    GRILON PA6 / PA610 and NEXYLON PA66 staple fibers for nonwovens / spun yarns
    GRILON CoPA yarns / bicomponent fibers for melt bonding...

  • GRILON PA6 / PA610 and NEXYLON PA66 staple fibers provide improved durability and performance of both industrial nonwovens and textile yarns. Demanding applications include:

    • Paper machine felts, which are exposed to heat, chemicals, pressure and friction for months at a time
    • Abrasives, based on nonwovens finished in aggressive synthetic resin baths
    • Protective clothing / workwear that is comfortable to wear while withstanding toughest use without tearing.

    GRILON CoPA (Copolyamide) yarns and bicomponent fibers are designed for melt bonding and reinforcement of technical textile constructions. Our products are used as:

    • Production aids or as matrix material in fiber-reinforced composite parts.
    • Special GRILON binder yarns have been developed for the stabilization of carbon or glass fiber fabrics. The binder fiber is used as a processing aid in the preforming step of the RTM process (resin transfer molding).