Express Elevators & Lifts Inc

Brampton,  ON 
  • Booth: 423

Express Elevator and Lifts specializes in design, manufacturing & installation of all kinds of Freight Elevating Devices such as:

  • Dumbwaiters
  • Material Lift
  • Freight Elevators
  • Automobile Elevators
  • Accessibility Lifts

All the above listed products are design and manufactured as per the North American elevator code, which is CSA B44 in Canada and ASME A17.1 in USA.

Our design & manufacturing facility is located in Brampton (Toronto), ON, Canada. We provide installation of these elevating devices from coast to coast in Canada and we offer supply of these elevating devices for projects in USA and Overseas.

The elevating devices are manufactured as per district Canadian Building Bureau (CWB) criteria for welding and fabrication of elevators.

Our specialty is designing the elevator to suit any customized site conditions, such as:

  • No Pit Depth Required design: Lift can be mounted on the bottom landing floor surface, thus eliminating the need to cut the existing floor slab to form a pit.
  • Turn-Key Installations: lift or the elevator can be enclosed in a self-supporting, steel structure & enclosure made out of hollow structural steel tubes (HSS), steel channels and solid and/or expanded sheet panels. This eliminates the need for a masonry/ concrete hoistway shaft and allows for a turn-key approach where the elevator contractor provides the elevating device and its hoistway enclosure. A masonry/ forming contractor will typically not required in this design approach.
  • Dedicated machine room is not required: Power unit and the controller of the elevating device can be housed in a lockable enclosure thus eliminating the need for a fully enclosed machine room. This results in savings of valuable real estate and is useful for downtown installations.

For a project specific comprehensive design proposal for any of your projects feel free to reach our knowledgeable sales department at:


Phone: 647 505 0023