Motorola Value Added Distributor

  • Booth: 706

Lenbrook is the Canadian distributor of Motorola Body-Worn Cameras, Consumer, Business and Commercial Two-Way Radios and CAT® Rugged Smartphones. Ensuring your organization has the best technology available to keep teams connected and safe is our top priority! Our Motorola Two-way Radios provide reliable and simple, instant push-to-talk communication, while our Cat phones are built to withstand the harshest environments. Did you know that the average business customer reports that repairs on a mass market smartphone can cost $386 per device? 1 in 3 consumers have damaged their mobile phone in the last 3 years. With a company fleet of 300 phones, that’s an additional average cost of $38,600 that a company would incur when buying mass market phones versus Cat rugged phones! Cat phones don’t require protective cases, screen protectors, extended warranties or insurance for damaged devices. They are ready for all day use out of the box. Stop by Lenbrook's booth to play our rugged phone toss game and to learn more.