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UL works to advance global sustainability, environmental health, and safety by supporting the growth and development of environmentally preferable products, services, and organizations. We help companies achieve their sustainability goals—and help purchasers, specifiers, retailers, governments, and consumers find products they can trust. UL offers environmental claim validations, multi-attribute product certifications, environmental product declarations, indoor air quality certification, product emissions testing, organizational sustainability certification, and consulting. To learn more about us, visit UL.com.


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  • SPOT Product Database
    A credible and comprehensive way to search for more than 100,000 sustainable products is now at your fingertips....

  • By featuring more than 100,000 product families, SPOT has become one of the world's leading sources for credible and sustainable product informaiton. By tapping into our database, you can simplify product selection for your next project. 

    SPOT allows you to: 

    • Easily find products that comply with major green building rating schemes such as LEED
    • Gain insight into green purchasing market
    • Demonstrate compliance with green credits and sustainable purchasing policies
    • Find products that comply with LEED

    Take the complexity out of your next sustainable project and learn how SPOT can help yo simplify your project through increased collaboration, accuracy and time. Check out additional information to see SPOT in action and learn about how SPOT can benefit you. 

  • GREENGUARD Certification
    Products that are GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions can contribute to the creation of healthier indoor environments and are scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emissions Standards....

  • Overview

    UL GREENGUARD Certification provides manufacturers with a competitive advantage by evaluating the health impacts of products. Two tiers of certifcation are available: GREENGUARD Certification and GREENGUARD Gold Certification. 

    GREENGUARD Certification 

    GREENGUARD Certification emissions limits were first used as purchasing specifications for the U.E. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the state of Washington for furniture and commercial building products. GREENGUARD Certification criteria have been the basis for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credit for low-emitting furniture since 2002. Office furniture products that are GREENGUARD Certified are also compliant with the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association (BIFMA)X7.1 standard. 

    GREENGUARD Gold Cerfication 

    The GREENGUARD Gold Certification Standard includes health-based criteria for additional chemicals and also requires lower total volatile organic compound (VOC) emissonslevels to ensure that products are acceptable for se in environments such as chools and health care facilities. In addition to limiting emissons of more than 360 VOCs and total chemcial emissons, GREENGARD Gold Certifed products mut also comply with the requirements of hte state of California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissons from Indoor Sources Using Environmental Chambers, (also known as California Section 01350). Office furniture proudcts are GREENGUARD Gold Certified are also compliant with the BIFMA X7.1 stardard. 


    GREENGUARD Certifcation helps manufacturers make and market products that have low chemical emissions and contribute to the healthier indoor air. GREENGUARD Certified products are recognized, referenced or preferred by more than 450 federal purchasers, retailers, green building rating tools and building codes around the world.

    The GREENGUARD Certifcation Mark communicates that representative samples of a prouduct have undergone rigourous scientific testing to meet some of the world's most stringent chemical emissions requirements. This certification gives manufacturers a distinct competitive advantage in a marketpalce in which consumers are increasingly concerned about the potential health effects of products. 

  • Landfill Waste Diversion Validation
    Many companies and municipalities are trying to achieve zero waste. UL can validate and provide credibility to your efforts with the industry’s first Standard for zero waste and waste diversion claims...

  • Overview 

    The UL waste diversion validation proram focuses on monitoring and measuring meterial flows tha are not part of an organiztaion's final product. UL offers four landfill waste diversion claim validations to recoginze companies that handle waste in environmentally responsible and innovative ways - from enegy production via incineration to resue, recycleing and composting. Materials tha are not diverted are considered disposed and go in the landfill or incineration wihtout energy recovery. 

    UL requires at least 90 percent diversion through methods other than waste to energy to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill (Silver 90-94 percent, Gold 95-99 percent and Platinum 100 platinum) designations.

    Each claim validation is clearly defined, carefully reviwed and thoroughly vetted so that businesses and their customers can understand the environmental significance of such a major achievement. 


    • Reduced costs associated with waste disposal
    • Reduced reliance on limited landfill space
    • Being an environmentally responsible corporate citizen 

    UL offers supportive services to help companies implement and promote their waste reduction claims, or compainies that are on a circularity journey. We can conduct readiness assessments; develop programs to optimize processes for waste reduction, reuse and recycling; and validate claims for recyclability, recycled content and take-back programs for waste or reclaimed materials. For companies pursuing circular economy initiatives, waste diversion can be a fundamental piece of their program. 

  • Turbo Carbon
    Carbon emissions reporting software that's simple, fast and affordable....

  • Carbon emissions reporting is increasgly a "must do" for mrany businesess. This is driven by new regulatory requirements, pronounced business benefits and a growing awareness of the societal expectations for managing carbon emissions. 

    Turbo Carbon is an easy to use carbon reporting solution that makes reporting efficient and cost effective. Having provided sustainability reporting services to customers for more than a decade, UL understands the callenges encountered and success factors required to deliver comprehensive, accurate CO2 reporting. This understanding is embedded into UL's carbon reporting software tool, making it a one-stop digital resource for carbon reporting. 

    Through an online subscription, Turbo Carbon Can: 

    • Educate your company of carbon reporting
    • Guide you through a simple activity data collection process
    • Calculate the carbon emissions linked to the activity data you have collected 
    • Generate a UL issued carbon footprint report
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
    Knowing a product's environmental impact at each stage of its lifecycle has become a critical driver for purchases and specifications. EPDs certified by UL enable manufacturers to disclose in a credible, streamlined and universally understood manner...

  • Overview

    An EPD is a comprehensive, internationally harmonized report created by a product manufacturer that documents the ways in which a product, throughout its lifecycle, affects the environment. UL certifies that all information in a manufacturer's finished EPD is accurate. 

    EPD development process

    UL develops International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14025-compliant EPDs in five steps. 

    1. Find an appropriate product category rule (PCR). The first step in creating an EPD is to find or create a PCR that's applicable to a particular product category. PCRs provide the calcualation and reporting requirements for creating life cycle assessments (LCAs) and EPDs. Please see here for more information on UL's PCR library. 
    2. Conduct and verify the proudct LCA. An LCA is a comprehensive report that documents the cradle-to-grave impacts of a product. Once an LCA is conducted on a particular product, it must be verified by an independent party to ensre it meets the requirements defined in the PCR, ISO 14040 and ISO 140544.
    3. Compile the EPD. The EPD presents the results of the LCA along with additional information about the product's performance and other sustainability attributes. 
    4. Verify the EPD. An independent, third party conducts a thorough review and verification of the findings presented in the EPD. 
    5. Reister the EPD. UL registers and pbulishes the EPD to its repository. EPDs are typically valid for a period of five years. 


    UL certified EPDs demonstrate a manufacturer's commitment to sustainability while showcasing that manufacturer's willingness to go above and beyond - all in he name of transparency and clarity. They also help purchasers better understand a product's sustainable qualities and environmentalrepercussions. As such, certified EPDs equip manufacturers with a valuable tool for differentiation and empower customers to make more informed purchasing decisions. 

  • ECOLOGO® Certification
    UL ECOLOGO® Certification helps companies and manufacturers gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by credibly communicating the reduced environmental impact of their product, service or package....

  • Overview

    ECOLOGO Certificaiton is based on multi-attribue, life-cycle based sustainability standards. All products certified to an ECOLOGO standard must meet or exceed each ofht elisted criteria before receiving the mark. ECOLOGO Certification is classified as an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Type 1 ecolabel and has been successfully assessed by the Global Ecolabeling Network, further demonstrating its credibility. 


    Our ECOLOGO program offers credible third-party certification of products and services to build and strengthen trust between buyers and suppliers, customers and manufacturers. ECOLOGO Certification helps to demonstrate your product's compelling value, and is available for a variety of products, including cleaning products, sanitation products, sanitary and ofice papers, mobile phones, electronic equipment and more. 

    Why UL 

    ECOLOGO is recognized or referenced in hundrends of specifcations and standards. We are deicated to further enhancing market adoption, with supportive public affairs and outreach team. 

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