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Randek are pioneers in creating innovative automation solutions for customers within the prefabricated house manufacturing industry. We develop and manufacture high-performance machines and systems for prefabrication of walls, floors, ceilings, and roof trusses. 


Randek ZeroLabor

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  • (Sep 28, 2022)
    Introducing our fully robotic blow-in insulation cell. The robots enable much higher output per wall length and provide off-table service positions for blow-in plates. Available in multiple configurations and for different insulation materials. 


  • Auto Wall System
    The Randek Auto Wall System - a completely CAD-controlled wall production line for the production of open or closed wall frames with sheathing and optionally breather membrane....

    • Advanced system for manufacturing of wall elements
    • CAD/CAM controlled machines
    • Automatic setup of the machines: Allows for production with constant change in wall height, length and thickness without losing efficiency or time
    • Automatic alignment of the wall elements: Grippers automatically pulls top and bottom plate against a mechanical stop, clamps and aligns the wall
    • Clear and easy graphical instructions on screen at the stations
    • High security level: Safety mats between stations. Light beams and run-over protection on the bridges
    • Automatic transport of wall elements: Transport between stations with frequency controlled drives to ensure high speed and soft start and stop. Plate-Top conveyors are used to protect the panels and allows for heavy wall elements
  • ZeroLabor
    The Randek ZeroLabor Robotic System is a fully automatic robotic system that performs various working processes. The robotic system can be integrated into existing production lines or work as a standalone unit....

    • Sheet handling, the sheet is picked using a vacuum cup system from various stacks and placed on building component according to the CAD file, the system is flexible and can handle various sizes of sheets
    • Fastening of sheets: - Screwing - Stapling - Nailing
    • Cut out for openings such as electrical hoses, windows etc
    • The system can handle 1, 2, or 3 layers of sheets
    • Marking of the component using inkjet
    • Gluing
    • Waste handling, gypsum waste, and OSB waste i.e. is placed in different places if needed, i.e directly in the waste bin/recycle bin
    • Effective dust extraction system
    • Straightening of building components using working tables.
    • Straightening of studs before nailing, ensuring placement of nails on stud
    • Available to suit light gauge steel wall frames
  • Auto Floor System
    The Randek AutoFloor system is an automatic production system for floor elements, floor cassettes, roof ceilings, and roof elements....

    • Automatic Nailing
    • Automatic milling of openings for plumbing and electronic installations
    • Automatic cutting of sheets and openings
    • Automatic gluing
    • Automatic marking with inkjet, marking of inner walls various placement information, etc
    • Automatic adding/handling of sheets including automatic handling of tongue and grove in sheets
    • Automatic and flexible support making it possible to produce complex non-square/roofs/ceilings
    • Open jig solution for effective and ergonomically working conditions
    • Double jig solution for effective production and high utilization of the automatic bridge
    • Effective and automatic handling of sheets of various heights/thicknesses
    • Effective and automatic material handling of the readyreadilyuced components, they are effectively transported to load the ng position.
  • Auto Eye System
    AutoEyeTruss system automatic production of roof trusses. Extreme capacity combined with very high accuracy and industrialized quality....

  • The automatic press visually identifies the roof truss and picks, places, positions, and presses the nail plates to the roof truss automatically. The pressing force is adapted to the nail plate and timber thickness, thus the pressing result is perfect. The system can handle any shape and type of roof truss and is working in accordance with Eurocode 2010.

    • High production capacity of roof trusses, average cycle time 10 seconds per nail plate
    • High quality due to automatic production process
    • Adaptive pressing force, thus perfect pressing result regardless of the size of the nail plate and timber dimension
    • Zero set-up time for the press
    • Automatic pressing
    • Automatic picking, placing, and positioning of nail plates, including an automatic control system for placement of nail plates according to Eurocode 2010
    • Automatic stacking of the produced roof truss
    • Each nail plate is placed exactly right relative to the joint. The press visually identifies each joint and positions the nail plate exactly even if the truss has a deviation in length or shape
    • Possibility to log and measure production quantity.
  • Cross Cut Saw SPL728
    Flexible semi-automatic cross-cut saw, supports both angled as well as inclined cuts....

  • Randek’s SP720 series provides reliable cut saws that are a major asset to roof truss and house producers around the world.

    The SP720 cut saw is effective, easy to use, and accurate. It has been on the market for a long time and is continuously improved in close contact with our many customers. The blade on this semi-automatic saw supports both angled as well as inclined cuts, which means it can make any cuts you may require. You can also use the large-diameter blade to cut several sections of stacked timber simultaneously.

    • Angled cuts from 0° to 360° and inclined cuts from 90° to 28°
    • Cut heights up to 250 mm, possible to cut three boards each cutting cycle
    • Computer controlled, resulting in fast adjustment
    • Fixation of timber near the cutting area resulting in accurate cutting
    • Different stacking methods
    • Timber picker
    • Printer, Milling machine, Splicing press
    • Customized modular handling system

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