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Sustainability Without Sacrifice

DECLARE: SLR-0001 & SLR-0002

BDC/IDC Sourcing Raw Materials, Embodied Carbon, Material Ingredient Optimization; IDC Design for Flexibility and Disassembly; Innovation Timber Traceability, Low-carbon Building Materials, Circular Products

EPD pending

Brands: "Heirloom" 3/4-inch & "Sylva" 5/8-inch Appalachian Hardwood Floors that float!


Steller Floors: Commercial Review


  • Steller Heirloom 3/4" Solid Appalachian Hardwoods
    Species: American Oak, Ash, Cherry, Hard Maple, Hickory, Walnut, White Oak
    Stains: Clear, Dark Brown, Grey, Light Brown
    Prefinished: UV-Cured, polyurethane (no VOCs)
    Sealants: Sealed on all sides
    Width: 5"
    Thickness: 3/4"
    Length: 5 Fixed lengths...

  • Style

    American Oak (pictured in this post) are perfect for active homes where character and warmth are the main qualities of the space. Offered in a variety of stains (clear, gray, light brown, dark brown and espresso), choosing this wood grain can be traditional and eye-catching at the same time. Do you have stylistic taste that changes over time? American Oak is so versatile that its warm hues and grain pattern can accommodate teal curtains one year, and green embellishments the next, so feel free to mix in fun throw pillows without worrying whether they’ll match!

    Ash hardwood flooring can be quite variable with both light golden areas and rich dark areas. Sometimes grain variability in the flooring also accentuates this character as well. With this grain variability, Ash would seem similar to Hickory flooring except that the color contrast between light and dark wood portions in Ash is not as high-contrast as Hickory. In addition the tone of Ash wood flooring is slightly more golden overall.

    Cherry's warm ruddy-brown hues with bright golden highlights make a cherry hardwood floor (offered in clear stain) an absolute show-stopper in any space. When the wood flooring is the focal element of the room, traditional furniture in dark tones will help draw more attention to the American cherry wood and its subtle grain patterns. Or, if the hardwood flooring is a complement to a bright space, lightly colored walls and fabrics will help your cherry wood floor reflect warm, golden light into the room.

    Hard Maple hardwood flooring provides a clean, modern look thanks to its subtle grain pattern. Offered in clear, gray, light brown, and dark brown stains, hard maple is one of the most desired hardwood flooring varieties because of its subtle grain, moderate hardness and resilience to wear. 

    Hickory hardwood floor is very unique because of its distinctive dark and light sections that represent different types of wood within the tree. Unlike Ash, Hickory flooring has more subtle grain patterns, ruddy tones, and the character is entirely unique. Some professionals would be able to identify a piece of hickory wood at a distance thanks to its very distinctive look.

    Walnut flooring is so unique in its patterns and diverse color variability that it stands alone and deserves to be used in your most inspired spaces including music rooms or art and yoga studios. Our Walnut floors are offered in steamed or unsteamed.

    White Oak is a designer’s dream because it goes with almost everything. Do you like casual, bright white walls with colorful decorative accents? Fabulous! Are you interested in dark, rich woven carpets and burgundy walls? Fantastic! White oak hardwood flooring is a great choice for both spaces. We offer clear flat-sawn and clear quarter-sawn varieties. The latter is an even better choice if you are looking for long lines to make a space look bigger.


    American Oak is perfect for in-demand spaces like entryways, living areas and kitchens. Solid American Oak hardwood floors are one of our sturdiest wood species in North America. Have pets? No problem! An oak hardwood floor resists scratches, stains and dents.

    Ash is a very hard North American Hardwood that will be resilient to wear in an active space, and is often used in other applications including axe handles and baseball bats.

    Cherry hardwood is one of our softest species, and because of its light color, it is the hardwood that will have the most visible wear. To use this species wisely, create a showcase area where light, shoeless traffic, and no pets will affect the wear surface of the planks. Ideal cases are in lightly used dens, offices, or bedrooms. 

    Hard Maple is one of the most desired hardwood flooring varieties because of its subtle grain, moderate hardness and resilience to wear. Often used in bowling alleys, basketball courts, and on the stage, solid maple flooring is highly resilient to wear and tear but also provides an ergonomic walking feel for athletic and dance-ready areas. Do you enjoy music? The acoustic quality of a solid maple floor is among the best!

    Hickory flooring is the hardest species in the Steller species lineup which makes it resilient to high-traffic areas like entryways, dining areas and living spaces. Extra resistance to shoes and pets means that this flooring will last for generations in a typical home.

    Walnut trees are fruit trees and produce very soft wood – in fact, walnut floors are some of the softest floors that still qualify as hardwoods! Walnut floors won’t stand up to aggressive pets or heavy shoe traffic, but it can be the perfect hardwood floor choice in socks-only areas like offices, dens, formal living rooms and bedrooms.

    White Oak is very resilient to wear and is a great choice in homes with high wear from kids, pets and guests in shoes. As a single species, white oak can be general-purpose and flow from your mudroom to your kitchen and living area, all the way into a lower-use area like an office or music room. Since white oak flooring holds up to wear and tear, you won’t notice the difference between the amount of use in the spaces!

    Why Steller Hardwood Floors?

    Steller Floors unite performance and sustainability without sacrifice.

    Simple, Fast Assembly - Steller Floors don't use nails or glue, so our floors are quick to assemble for DIYers and Professionals.

    Low-cost, Easy Repairs - Re-think refinishing because dings and spills require only a suction cup to repair without calling a contractor.

    Lowest Lifetime Costs - Consider your Steller Floor an asset that you can use, re-use and even re-sell over its long lifetime.

  • Steller Sylva 5/8" Solid American Oak Flooring
    Species: American ("Red") Oak
    Stains: Clear, Light Brown, Natural
    Prefinished: UV-Cured, satin polyurethane (no VOCs)
    Sealants: Sealed on all sides
    Width: 5"
    Thickness: 5/8"
    Length: 5 Fixed lengths
    Material: Solid wood
    Grade: Premium...

  • High Volume Applications

    The Steller Sylva product is sourced and manufactured to the same exacting standards as the 3/4" Steller Heirloom product line but with a slightly shorter profile of 5/8 of an inch.

    Like the Heirloom line, it sourced only from North American Secondary Regrowth forests, and we only use FAS and F1F or better timber.

    It comes prefinished with a UV-cured 100% solids polyurethane surface, and is sealed on the remaining five sides with parrafin wax to protect from moisture.

  • Steller Heirloom - Product Specs Wood Planks
    Product Specification: WOOD PLANKS
    American made, sustainably sourced, solid 3/4" and 5/8" hardwood flooring...

  • Appropriate Uses 

    Residential and commercial finished flooring surfaces where temperature and humidity are controlled for human comfort; 65-85 degrees (F) and 35-50% RH 


    Dimensions, Weights & Tolerances 

    • Planks range in length from 2’ to 4’ in 6-inch increments 

    • Plank width is five inches +/- 0.001 inches 

    • Plank height is 3/4-inches (OR 5/8 inches) +/- 0.003 inches 

    • Average Plank Weight is 3.5lbs (OR 2.92lbs per sqft) per square foot  


    Material Types 

    Species: Ash, Cherry, Hard Maple, Hickory, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut 

    Source Timber: FAS, F1F or better – North American Secondary Forest Sources Only; No Tropical Lumber 

    • FSC certified is available upon request with additional charge 


    Finishes (Prefinished) 

    Stains / Colors: Clear, Gray, Light Brown, Dark Brown 

    Finish / Protection: UV-cured 100% solids polyurethane; Paraffin wax on bottom and all four sides; No VOCs 


    Installation Requirements 

    • Floating: Patented milling and PVC clip snaps planks together 

    • No nails, glues, special equipment, or skilled labor 

    • Flat subfloor to 3/16-inch deviation in a 10ft radius 

    • Fully removable, movable 



    LBC Contributions: DECLARE ID: SLR-0001; LICENSE EXPIRATION 01 AUG 2023 




    LEED Credit Contributions: 

    • BDC/IDC Sourcing Raw Materials (2), Embodied Carbon (1), Material Ingredient Optimization (1) 

    • IDC Design for Flexibility and Disassembly (2) 

    • LEED Innovation Timber Traceability (1), Low-carbon Building Materials (2), Circular Products (1) 

    Net-Zero (EPD Underway as of Mid-2022; WAP Consulting): Trees capture CO2 as part of photosynthesis by storing carbon and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. 

    • Hardwoods average 47.5% carbon by weight 

    • On average, a square foot of hardwood weighs 3.5lbs 

    • 0.47 X 3.5lbs = 1.6625lbs of carbon captured per square foot of Steller Floor 

    CO2e: CO2 equivalency (“CO2e”) is the equivalent amount of CO2 that is no longer in the atmosphere and is now stored as carbon. 

    • The atomic weight of a molecule of CO2 is 44. Carbon is 12 

    • The atomic weight ratio of oxygen to carbon in a molecule of CO2 = 44/12 = 3.67 

    • CO2e = 3.67 X 1.6625lbs of carbon per square foot = 6.101lbs CO2e  

     Carbon Captured and CO2 Equivalency of Carbon Stored (CO2e) 

    • Every square foot of a Steller Floor stores 1.6625lbs of carbon  

    • That is equivalent to 6.1lbs of CO2 (CO2e) no longer in the atmosphere 

    • 6.1lbs CO2e is 7.5 times the amount of carbon emitted in our manufacturing processes 

  • Steller Heirloom - Product Specs Assembly Clip
    Product Specification: ASSEMBLY CLIP
    Patented PVC Assembly Clip: US10006211B2...

  • Appropriate Uses 

    Fastening adjacent Steller Floors planks to each other to create a floating hardwood flooring system requiring no nails, no glues, no adhesives, no specialized equipment, and no skilled labor.  


    Recommended Conditions 

    Residential and commercial where temperature and humidity are controlled for human comfort; 65-85 degrees (F) and 35-50% RH. 



    20 years of functionality within recommended use applications and recommended conditions (see above). 


    Material Type 

    Rigid PVC (uPVC); No VOCs - No volatile plasticizers 


    Dimensions & Weights 

    • Clips are shipped in 47-inch lengths 

    • Can be cut to desired length with widely available PVC- shears 

    • Average 0.07 lbs per linear foot 


    Installation Requirements 

    • Patented milling and PVC clip snaps planks together 

    • No nails, glues, special equipment, or skilled labor 

    • Flat subfloor; 3/16-inch deviation in a 10ft radius 



    VOC’s: None 

    LBC Contributions: DECLARE ID: SLR-0002 







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