Ventilation Maximum Ltd.

Montreal,  QC 
  • Booth: 442

Skillfully designed, the Maximum ventilator has no moving parts, and needs no electrical energy. Its characteristics increase the ventilation’s chimney effect and eliminate excess humidity. The Maximum roof ventilator silently and efficiently assures the comfort of a home and its occupants. Its square shape enables it to pick up wind from all directions yet keeps out rain and snow due to its storm proof deflectors, and allows humidity to escape evenly and systematically. 

The solid, long-lasting Maximum roof ventilator is made of tough galvanized steel; the colour of its durable powder baked polyester paint finish will blend naturally with the rest of the building. It is well protected against intrusion by animals such as squirrels or birds.

Brands: VMAX 301, VMAX 201, VMAX AT!, VMAX AF