Elcie Cosmetics

North Hollywood,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 332

After over a decade of knowledge and expertise, beauty artist and educator, Lilit Caradanian, more widely known as MakeupByLilit, is the founder and developer behind Elcie Cosmetics. 

Lilit Caradanian invites you to connect with Elcie as more than just a brand, as she fully exposes herself to you in this line. Elcie, which stands for the initials of Lilit Caradanian, was created to introduce products that are user-friendly and staples in everyone's kit. All of our products are created with one concept in mind - universal skin perfection.

Elcie was born through the hands of Lilit as she continuously searched for the perfect foundation for her actual self. Ultimately, launching her own line was the closest idea to having control of all ingredients that would calculate in and expanding into other unique and essential products.

Elcie's main focus is to 'Be Unique, Be You', and that starts with the face of an individual. The bare foundation of a face all comes down to the skin, and with the flawless effects which Elcie will leave to surface, will then unveil the beautiful canvas of each unique person.

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