KEY2 | Microsoft’s Template for Workforce Success: Holistic Well-being Support

  • Room: Oceanside C
  • Session Number: KEY2
Wednesday, May 03, 2023: 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM


Fred Thiele
Vice President, Global Benefits and Mobility
Microsoft Corporation


The pandemic exposed a phenomenon that had been gradually building: We’re facing an employee well-being tsunami with risks that go beyond just burnout, threatening the strength, resilience and cohesiveness of our workforces. Fred Thiele will outline how HR leaders can architect and communicate a truly holistic approach to well-being that encompasses its principal dimensions — physical, financial and mental/social. He’ll also explore how this holistic approach is indispensable to supporting a diverse employee population as the workforce navigates the twists and turns of the modern, hybrid workplace. You’ll learn how you can help your employees not merely survive, but thrive, during this time.


Learning Objectives

1.) Get an inside look at Microsoft’s health and benefits strategy.
2.) Explore how benefits can help employees thrive during challenging times.
3.) Find out how Microsoft is attracting and retaining talent with innovative benefits inside a broader employee value proposition.