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“Anti fatigue mats” are designed to help a person who is standing for prolonged periods of time. Sheep anti-fatigue matting is a combination of an ergonomic pattern and a cushioning underlay. The cushioning causes constant subconscious balance checks and micro movements that stimulate blood flow through the legs and lower extremities. This results in better circulation and less fatigue. The cushioning underlay insulates the feet from the hard surface, cold floors, vibrations, moisture and sound.

Sheep mats will continue expanding its kitchen mat&office mat collection by its 20 R&D team this year. The new mats will include unique features and designs which bring style and functionality to every home kitchens and open-plan offices.

A Mat for your Feet.

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  • Standing Mats For Work

    • Description:

    We all know the benefits of using a stand-up desk, but don’t forget to protect your back and feet with a high quality, super comfortable anti-fatigue mat from Quality Clever. Stand comfortably for long periods of time on this commercial grade, long lasting comfort mat.
    This mat can with a stylish, polished nickel hanger that you can affix to the side of your desk, or a nearby wall, so you have a handy place to hang your mat when you choose to sit. The convenient handle is built-in to the shape of the mat.

    Remember, you spend lots of time standing in other rooms as well. Pick up another Quality Clever Standing Desk Mat to use in your kitchen, in your workshop, in your workout space, or wherever you stand.

    •  Features:

    •Ideal size for your office space
    •Supportive ergo-PU foam desk mat reduces fatigue from standing
    •Perfect for those transitioning to a standing desk
    •High density and rebound PU foam provides long-lasting support.
    •Anti slip surface, easy to clean

    • Application:

    Kitchens (both home or professional), office , Workshops , garages, bars, cashier counters, registration desks, anywhere you will be standing for long period of time


  • Wholesale black unique shape anti fatigue comfort
    100% polyurethane construction;
    Power Wedge - stretch your legs at your desk;
    Balance Bar - work your core while you type away;
    made of squishy foam that takes some of the pressure off your joints and muscles, gives you a spa-like experience for your feet;...

  • ●The First manufacturer of anti-fatigue mats in China.
    ●We hold the prestigious TUV certification on our products. One of only a few in the world.
    ●Our 10 person quality control department inspects 100% of all products before packing.
    ●We have over a decade of experience manufacturing anti fatigue mats.
    ●12 month quality warranty on all products shipped.
    ●We operate an full-time staff of 18 engineers developing new products for our clients
    ●20﹢new designs per year.
    ●We serve some of the world's top retailers; Amazon, Costco, Target and more.

    Contoured Mat:
    This mat is engineered to encourage movement while standing. Stunning toy to calm your focus, relaxation, distraction and improve your mood. Standing with pleasure. The newest type of anti-fatigue mat being made available to standing desk users. These mats feature 3D like features that are embedded in the foam design that give the user more options for different stances.  

    Solutions For Any Purpose:
    Fitness – Gives you extra comfort & support while standing try doing some stretching exercises;
    Household - Great for kneeling on when doing housework, gardening, or working on your car;
    Office – This mat has at least ELEVEN starter positions to keep you active with an unlimited amount of new positions being created every day.  

    This anti-fatigue mat was designed to help you subconsciously move throughout the workday;
    The squishy foam takes some of the pressure off your joints and muscles,  gives a spa-like experience for your feet;
    This simple attribute alone will help you stand longer and more comfortably;
    Eco-Friendly - Safe, non-toxic, latex, and odor free, 99.99% anti-microbial and recyclable; 

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