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Your Body Needs To Move All Day

ActiveSeat’s vision is to allow desk riders and people who suffered neurological injuries an active sitting experience which will improve their health and wellbeing.

ActiveSeat holds two types of collections,

​Office and Home collection, this collection is made for healthy individuals and is designed to improve blood circulation while sitting so you too could avoid muscle stiffness and other symptoms of the sitting disease. Choose between Acharya, the perfect active sitting chair and Vigor, the active sitting attachment.

In Need of Active Rehabilitation? The Kore rehabilitation collection is designed for people who suffered neurological injuries and it contains a chair for home use, Kore Home, and a chair for medical establishments, Kore Professional

Sitting down all-day is affecting your health.

Most people are affected by the “Sitting Disease” at some point their lives. 
We live in a sitting down world. We sit in our cars, sit in the office, then get home and sit down again. 
It sounds harmless, but inactivity causes all sorts of health problems. Our bodies were designed to be used. Many scientists now think that prolonged sitting is the reason for the increase in cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 
To make matters worse, exercise doesn’t prevent the “Sitting Disease”.

Chose our products to fight the symptoms of the sitting disease.


  • Vigor
    Vigor is our star attachment device - it connects to almost any swivel chair and turns it into a healthy, muscle engaging, dynamic sitting apparatus. Vigor protects you from the health dangers of motionless sitting....

  • Vigor is our star attachment device - it connects to almost any swivel chair and turns it into a healthy, muscle engaging, dynamic sitting apparatus. Vigor protects you from the health dangers of motionless sitting. It allows you to activate large leg muscles for tens of minutes without noticeable fatigue.

    Why choose Vigor?

    Like all our chairs, Vigor is designed to prevent the “Sitting Disease”, by using the leg attachment which will keep your large muscles engaged. Sit actively without compromising on your comfort or getting distracted from work.

    If you already own a swivel chair you love but are interested in improving your health by using one of ActiveSeat’s solutions, this is the perfect product for you!

    Upgrade your sitting situation today and move farther away from future blood pressure issues by adding the Vigor attachment to your favorite swivel chair.

    With Vigor, you simply roll the foot attachment to and fro, activating your calf, ankle and thigh muscles. Choose your preferred level of resistance to increase your blood flow and keep your body safe from thrombosis in large calf veins. In addition, the slow movement in your knee and ankle joints will work its magic on your blood flow, thus speeding up metabolism, burning more calories and fueling up your joints with essential fluids. Do you stand up after a long sitting period feeling tired and stiff? With Vigor you will feel energized and more limber, so you can even accomplish more of your daily tasks. Stay active while sitting, get your blood flowing and joints engaged, all without noticeable fatigue!

    How do I use the Vigor?

    After mounting Vigor on your chair, simply place your foot on the pedal and slowly move it back and forth. Make sure to switch from one leg to the other every now and again. Use it for as long as you like, there’s no maximum limitation! The more you move, the better you feel.

    Vigor integrates flawlessly in your office environment.

    When not in use, it leaves no obstacles, your chair easily rolls on the floor, swivels, and reclines; Vigor is compatible with high heel shoes; Vigor does not impede fast evacuation in case of emergency.

  • Acharya
    In India, Acharya means Teacher. The Acharya Chair gently coaches you towards healthy upright sitting while increasing blood circulation and joint engagement....

  • Why choose the Acharya?

    As a part of our Office chair collection, the Acharya Chair is designed to prevent the “Sitting Disease”, by using our advanced proprietary mechanism which will keep your muscles engaged, without compromising on your comfort.
    Do you sit at your desk for hours at a time? Do you often find yourself stiff from prolonged sitting? The Acharya is the perfect solution for anyone looking to sit comfortably at a desk while engaging their muscles.
    The Acharya helps improve blood circulation and muscle stiffness, all as you sit at your desk without interruption to your daily routine. The Acharya is reported to increase productivity since it elevates levels of positivity hormones related to physical activity.

    It’s time to say goodbye to your current desk chair with its muscle atrophying mechanism and welcome Acharya into your office. No health or age restrictions apply. Turn Instability Mode off, and the Acharya is a standard desk chair.

    How do I use the Acharya?

    First of all, make sure that both your feet are fully rested on the ground while you sit comfortably. Then, turn on Instability Mode with a flick of a switch.
    Your chair will immediately feel like a balance ball, with gentle tilts and shifts. Use your feet and core to keep yourself stable and your back up right. After a short while, you won’t even notice your muscles are working and you’ll be able to resume your daily routine at your desk, all while keeping your blood flow going and your joints active.
    Adjustment time varies between users, and it ranges from 8 to 20 hours. Take your time to get used to this wonderful feature, and switch Instability Mode off whenever you need a break! The Acharya looks and feels just like any other office chair when the mechanism is turned off.

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