EEO-P8 | Putting Your Best Foot Forward: A Refresher for EEO Counselors and Investigators

  • Session Number: EEO-P8
Monday, August 07, 2023: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Oliver Allen
Training & Development Strategies, LLC
Roslyn Brown
EEO Workplace Strategies


EEO Counselors and Investigators are expected to understand the evolving EEO landscape and adjust their practices accordingly. This interactive and engaging workshop led by FDR all-stars Roslyn Brown and Oliver Allen will meet your training requirements while refreshing and enhancing your knowledge of EEO laws, regulations, and executive orders. It will cover EEO case law and EEOC guidance on hot topics, including retaliation, harassment, telework accommodations, age discrimination, and supplemental investigation trends. The full-day workshop will also offer best practices in writing reports, interviewing witnesses, and writing settlement agreements.


Learning Objectives

- Refresh knowledge of EEO civil rights laws and executive orders that regulate the counseling and investigative processes through discussions that focus on practical implications
- Understand new developments in case law and regulatory requirements
- Take your interviewing and writing skills to the next level