Mr Michael Franczak

National Projects Manager


Michael S. Franczak currently serves as the National Projects Manager for FMCS, an independent agency of the U.S. Government. In this role, he leads and supports the National Projects Team and delivery of national impact projects for FMCS, including the agency’s public policy negotiations (PPN) services under the Negotiated Rule-Making Act and the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act.
He joined FMCS in 2001 and served as a FMCS Commissioner in the Cleveland, OH Field Office. As Commissioner, Mr. Franczak mediated and resolved collective bargaining agreements and grievances and employment disputes in the private, public, and federal work sectors. In addition to these efforts, he provided training to labor and management representatives on effective collective bargaining techniques, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills with national contract negotiations involving Lockheed Martin & UAW and Ford Motor Company & UAW. In 2015, he was awarded the FMCS Director’s Award for outstanding agency service.
In 2017, Mr. Franczak was named Regional Director of FMCS. In this capacity, he helped oversee FMCS Commissioners providing needed mediation and conflict resolution training services in Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, and Upstate New York. Following an agency realignment, Mr. Franczak became the Great Lakes Executive Manager, helping lead 18 Commissioners in providing mediation and training services for parties in Ohio, Michigan, and Western New York. In addition, in 2022, while on a 6-month work detail, Mr. Franczak successfully developed and launched a new Alternative Dispute Resolution program for the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) designing a new conflict management program and helping mediate 3,200 outstanding federal employment appeals cases. His efforts led to a four-fold increase in settlement rates for these types of MSPB cases during the 6-month pilot project.


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