Delia Johnson

Retired, Director
Office of Civil Rights, Broadcasting Board of Governors


Delia L. Johnson is currently an EEO/Diversity Consultant with the firm of Johnson & Associates. She provides onsite training, expert guidance, management coaching and technical compliance reviews for federal and state governments, and academic institutions. She has conducted training in numerous foreign countries throughout the world. She previously served as the Director of the Office for Civil Rights at the International Broadcasting Bureau, Broadcasting Board of Governors (Board). The agency is now the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM). In her previous position, Ms. Johnson was the principal advisor to the leadership on all matters relating to the management of equal employment opportunity and Diversity matters. Under her direction, her office handled Complaints of Discrimination, Reasonable Accommodations, Harassment Issues, Special Emphasis Programs, Affirmative Employment Reporting (MD-715), Mentoring and Employees and Managers Training.


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