Ms Myla Hite

Federal Mediation & Conciliation Services


Myla brings to her work with FMCS nearly 40 years’ experience in Labor/Management arena to include serving as lead negotiator, facilitating, mediating, consulting, assessing and training. In this capacity, she assists parties in the private, public and federal sectors in contract negotiations, in grievance mediation and in resolving workplace disputes. She trains labor and management advocates in collective bargaining, contract administration and grievance processing, steward/supervisor relationships, labor management committee structure and process, problem solving, communication and decision making.

Myla develops and delivers customized training and workshops on bargaining models, collaborative problem solving, labor-management partnerships, mediation, communication, change management, conflict resolution in addition to serving as keynote speaker at a variety of conferences.

A mediator since 1995, Myla’s graduate degree was earned from Ball State University. Myla is passionately committed to helping clients create workplaces of dignity, choice and meaning for all employees.


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