Jennifer Disotell

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service


Jennifer Disotell, Executive Manager of the Northwest District of Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, oversees mediation services throughout Alaska, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon and Northern California. She is also an advocate for innovative negotiations methodology to provide for collaborative, expedited bargaining processes that serve to honor the complexity of difficult issues, while maintaining and improving labor relationships.
Prior to being commissioned in 2012, Ms. Disotell served as a labor advocate on the Pacific Coast Waterfront for nearly a decade, representing parties from San Diego to Bellingham. She also taught Political Science and Criminal Justice courses at the University of Idaho and was a Civil Mediator for the 2nd Judicial District of Idaho.
Ms. Disotell holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science, a Bachelor’s of Science in Justice Studies and a Master’s in Public Administration specializing in Conflict Dispute Resolution. She resides in Seattle, Washington, where she spends her free time volunteering as a Girl Scout Leader, organizing community-based activities and speaking publicly on issues such as collaboration, inclusivity and power differential in organizations and communities.
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