Meltina Bynum

Director, Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management


Ms. Bynum and the EO organization are charged with preventing and eliminating discrimination at MDA, while strengthening diversity and inclusion by promoting a model EO Agency. This responsibility includes engagement, partnerships, Agency-wide communication, education, and a progressive affirmative employment program. Ms. Bynum has 15 years of EO experience to include special emphasis programs, counseling, legal affairs, informal and formal complaint processing, reasonable accommodations, and analyzing EEO legal issues. She has held various leadership assignments in multiple positions. Ms. Bynum is a certified Civil Treatment Instructor, EEO Investigator, EEO Counselor, and Mediator whose most recent experience occurred as the EEO Specialist with the Department of Treasury. She has a Master's Degree in Public Administration/Public Policy from Howard University, a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Virginia State University, and a certificate of completion in the Executive Leadership Program at the USDA Graduate School.


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