Judy Cortez

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service


Judy brings to FMCS over 25 years of work experience in the Labor/Management environment to the San Antonio Field Office which includes parts of Central and South Texas. Commissioner Cortez recently completed course work as a Conflict Management Professional with FMCS. As a Commissioner, Judy assists parties in the private, public, and federal sectors in contract negotiations, in grievance mediation and in resolving workplace disputes. She is available to train on various topics which include collective bargaining, contract administration, grievance processing, steward/supervisor relationships, labor management committee structure and process, problem solving, communication and decision making. She develops and delivers these topics to management and labor organizations. Prior to joining FMCS, Commissioner Cortez worked for Travis County serving within the management ranks of the organization. Since coming to FMCS, Judy was guest presenter on a national scale for the Federal Dispute Resolution Professional Conference where she addressed about 160 participants. She has developed and implemented multiple webinars for shared neutral members of the Alamo Federal Executive Board. Commissioner Cortez was one of two FMCS trainers at Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to train law students in Alternative Dispute Resolution as part of their law degree requirements. Commissioner Cortez brings years of EEO experience and knowledge she attained while serving and hearing EEO cases as Chair of the City of Austin Human Rights Commission to FMCS. She prominently represents FMCS in the Texas Labor Management Conference where she serves on the board and various planning committees. Judy is a native from El Paso, Texas. She earned her Graduate Degree in Political Science- Legal Studies from Texas State University and a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Southwest Texas State University.


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